Aluminium Shutters: All They Need is a Fresh Coat of Paint

Aluminium Shutters in Brisbane

Today’s aluminium shutters are not only well designed, but they’re also durable and can last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Shutters from Timber Interiors can provide an additional boost to exterior windows and your home’s overall look. Fortunately, giving your Brisbane home an update is as simple as painting your aluminium shutters.

When amateur painters try their hands at painting aluminium shutters, it often results in flaking and chipping. Many people believe it’s due to the wrong choice of paint, when in fact, improper surface preparation is what causes the problem. Depending on where your aluminium shutters are, you should choose the right type of paint and application technique to achieve a flawless finish.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

Proper Preparation

For easier access, remove the shutters from where they are in your house using a screwdriver. Also, because it will be difficult to apply new paint on top of an old, shiny paint, make sure to degloss or sand the surface properly. Finally, clean the shutters thoroughly using a stiff nylon scrub brush and a non-phosphate cleaner. Other types of cleaners available in the market may cause corrosion once it gets in contact with aluminium. Afterwards, rinse and let the shutters completely dry.

The Right Tools

For the prep phase, get a screwdriver, a deglossing liquid, and sandpaper. Purchase a primer and an exterior metal paint. These are available in lumberyards and paint stores, usually in aerosol cans. For paint sprayers, you can choose between commercial styles (more expensive) and consumer models (more affordable). Also, make sure there’s a protected outdoor area in or near your home that’s protected from the wind. This is important when you spray the shutters.

The Right Paint

As you may already know, there are specific types of paint for use on aluminium. When choosing a primer and topcoat paint, make sure they’re highly compatible with metal and are safe for exterior use. Go for enamel or semi-gloss paint, as its glossy surface will help shed water. To achieve the best results, spraying on the shutters is the best application.

With a fresh coat of paint on your aluminium shutters, you can give your home a makeover.