Achieve Spectacular Results With 2 Professional Painting Secrets

a man painting the wall

a man painting the wallMost people are handy with a bucket of paint and a brush. In fact, most handymen can do an okay job when painting a house. Unfortunately, they can’t hold a candle to a professional painter.

See, there is more to painting than just dunking a brush or a roller in a bucket of paint and running it on a surface, explains painting expert American Town Painting, a Park City paint expert.

Without addressing the nuanced factors that ensure a good paint job, the results are likely to be disappointing.

Prime the surface properly

It is only prudent that you fill the patch cracks and holes on a surface with a joint compound. After this step, amateurs rush to apply a coat of paint instead of using a primer, and it ruins the result. See, if you paint directly over a compound, it sucks the moisture from the paint that leads to flashing.

Priming a wall or a ceiling bears considerable advantages when painting. For starters, it keeps stains from bleeding through the paint and improves paint adhesion, which lowers the likelihood of peeling and blistering.

For the best results, taint the primer with a bit of topcoat paint. It ensures that the topcoat hides the primed surface completely.

Pick your paints carefully

Not all paints are created equal and, in most cases, each type of paint achieves a different effect. If your walls are less than perfect, you will do well to avoid the glossy paint despite their stain resistance appeal. The higher sheen of such paints amplifies the imperfections, ultimately marring the paint job.

Again, you need to shun the bottom shelf cheap stuff when looking for great results. Although the top-shelf paint is likely to set you back up to $35 a gallon, the results will be durable and spectacular. However, the pricey tag is no reason to stretch coverage as it might ruin the results as well.

Achieving a fantastic paint job on a wall or a ceiling takes a considerable amount of skills and effort. With the right preparation, you can turn each job into a masterpiece.