A First Brisbane Family Reunion To-Do List for the Newbie Event Planner

To-Do List for Family Reunion

To-Do List for Family ReunionSo, this would be your first time to be in charge of a family event, and it’s no small one either. A family reunion may host as few as ten participants up to more than a hundred, depending on the number of extended members willing to participate.

Sounds big right? Well, no need to panic. Just like any other event, a to-do list will definitely help you organise the occasion, and your thoughts. Here are the most basic items you would need to see in this list.

Venue and Details

The information included here should have the venue address, directions, date, time, special requests and other miscellaneous services. Choose a date that allows you and your participants a good enough amount of time to prepare and reserve the date. If the venue for hire is also a restaurant, don’t forget to choose a menu list that offers several choices for the main course. You may not be aware of dietary restrictions and allergic reactions in the event participants so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you can arrange for a buffet, that would also be good. If there is a potluck session, make sure that the venue will allow this. Special programs are required in most family-related celebrations so ask if your venue can also set-up a small stage, or at the very least, a speaker system for a microphone and background music. Brisbane offers a variety of venue hire options, so be ready to choose the best one that suits your needs.

Contacts and Services

For additional services or party needs, you would have to call numbers, get information and compare prices. The venue may most likely already have a ready list of these service providers so ask for their advice.

Even after you have made your final decision, keep a list of all the companies you’ve called, just in case your primary choice fails to deliver for whatever reasons. Having contingency contacts is required for any event and that includes your family reunion, no matter how small or personal the occasion is.

Add to your list emergency numbers as well, especially the nearest hospital and drug store. You never know when any one of your attendees would need medication or medical attention. Preparation for any kind of situation is the key to being an effective event coordinator.

Guest List and Invitations

Family reunions may get a bit hairy if they are free-for-alls. Knowing who you can invite, and who will invite will make it easier to assess the budget, the seating and the possible activities for your celebration.

When you have finalised the guest list, make sure you make reservations for not just an exact number. Give a modest margin for possible last-minute attendees (and possible gate-crashers, too). However, make sure that your numbers do not swell uncontrollably. Do inform everyone at the start of the invite who can be included if the venue you chose can only house a certain number of participants. Otherwise, you may have to change venue or ask the venue for possible options to solve your predicament.

Now that you have your short list together, there is another requirement you need to make clear to everyone: That this is an event that’s meant to be enjoyed by everyone invited. You yourself should be very aware of this as you complete the event’s program and other activities.