4 Facts about Lawn Sprinklers For Homeowners

Man adjusting sprinkler

Man adjusting sprinklerIt’s summer once again, which means the plants at home will be thirsty. Potted plants could easily be sprinkled by a watering can, but what about the plants and grass on your lawns and gardens?

This question led to the invention of home sprinklers, which consist of nozzles, filters, and pipes that spray water in a circular pattern all over your lawn or garden. While these sprinklers have been proven effective at keeping the greenery clean, a home sprinkler repair expert in Salt Lake City explains that sprinklers could get broken if not maintained properly.

Here are some facts you need to know about these amazing inventions:

1. Water Quality in Use

The water used in your sprinkler system could affect its pipes, so make sure you know where it’s coming from. For example, if it’s coming from rivers, wells, or any untreated body of water, it could leave silt grains that could block the pipes over time. It’s better to use clean water to prevent silt-blocked pipes.

2. Winter Temperatures

The cold temperature in winter could freeze pipes, which could take longer to detect since they are underground. Once this happens, a repair expert can fix the frozen pipes or replace them with better ones.

3. Lawn Mowing Debris

Whenever you’re mowing your lawn, be sure to clean up the debris afterward. Cut leaves or dirt could end up blocking the filter and preventing the sprinkler from watering the lawn.

4. Cracks from Pressure

Because pipes are installed underground, they are prone to getting cracks due to the pressure from the surrounding earth. Cracked pipes could make the water dirty and could lead to higher water bills because of the leaks from the cracks. It’s important to have the pipes checked for hidden defects like this.

Households are expected to take care of their plants and greenery during the summer. Using a lawn sprinkler system helps keep the plants and grass hydrated throughout the season. Homeowners should know the basics of using a sprinkler as well.