3 Types Categorized Based on How They Run

Row of boats

Row of boatsSo, you’ve always wanted to have a boat. Now that you’ve saved enough money and there’s a newly built pier near your home in Rockport, you’re ready to take the plunge. But before you do, take some time to know more about the different types of boat. Knowing how they’re powered will help you choose the right one.

1. Human-powered

First, there are the human-powered vessels. The riders propel these lightweight boats using their hands and/or feet with the help of simple gear, such as paddles, oars, and pedals. They’re a good choice if you’ll just use your boat to spend some relaxing time on the water while fishing, bird watching, or getting some exercise by rowing or pedaling. Canoes, kayaks, and cycleboats are just some of the best examples.

2. Sail-powered

Then, you have the boats mainly powered by sails—and the wind. While they may vary depending on the size, the number of masts, and other factors, these vessels have sails that are usually made from canvas or polyester cloth. Requiring a certain level of skill to navigate them with the use of sails and the wind, sailboats are great if you want to challenge yourself when engaging in cruising or boat racing. Some common sailboats are sloops, cutters, and schooners.

3. Engine-powered

The engines of these boats are either inboard (usually inside the hull) or outboard (affixed to the transom). As they’re typically bigger and more powerful, there are many things you can do with motorboats. For one, you can use them for watersports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing.

Additionally, some of these boats are equipped with amenities, so they’re perfect for long cruises. Bowriders, jet skis, and yachts are examples of motorboats.

Your choice of a boat will depend on the activity you want to do using the vessel. Make sure your boat will suit your needs, budget, and specifications.