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Don’t Put Your Prescription in the Trash, Get Help Instead

man buying prescription medicinesPeople with chronic diseases are the ones who need medication to manage their condition, but some of them are also the ones least likely to afford it. Instead of going without treatment, they should go for available financial help.

Chronic diseases now cause 70% of deaths in the United States. People with limited financial means are more likely to get a chronic illness, and they tend to get illnesses earlier in life than people with more resources available to them. One in four children from minority groups, for example, have pre-diabetes. Diseases that are considered typical of middle-aged and older citizens are hitting young people in their 20s, too.

Young people on low wages may not have the money or the insurance coverage to pay for their medications, and it’s common for patients to throw away their prescriptions.

The Cost of Skipping Medication

Not receiving medication or reducing the amount taken can have devastating effects. A 26-year-old man lost his life to uncontrolled diabetes after his 26th birthday when he was too old to be included in his parent’s insurance plan. As a restaurant worker, he couldn’t afford the $1,300 price tag on his life-giving medication. Despite finding his own insurance, the deductibles on a plan he could afford were so high that he was still unable to obtain the medicine. He decided to ration it to make ends meet. That was to be a fatal mistake. He died only days later from diabetic ketoacidosis – a condition prevented by insulin.

Prescription Assistance

Victoza prescription assistance is available for people with diabetes. Victoza slows down metabolism after meals, helps control blood sugar levels, and helps the pancreas produce more insulin when blood sugars rise, helping prevent the severe side effects of diabetes. Supplementary insulin and other essential drugs are also available through assistance programs.

The high cost of medication, coupled with under-insurance, can put life-saving treatments out of reach, but prescription assistance schemes give members huge discounts on medicines at selected pharmacies.

Improving Indoor Air Quality for Better Health

vacuum room floorJust staying at home does not guarantee you and your family’s health. There are different kinds of allergens and pollutants in the house that contaminate the air. With poor indoor air quality, you and your family could get sick and remain sick until the air quality at home is improved.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While it’s impossible to eliminate air pollutants at home entirely, there are ways to reduce their numbers and enjoy cleaner air.

  • Regularly mop the floor to remove remaining dust after vacuuming. Since many types of pollutants, including dust mites and pet dander, accumulate in the dirt, it is also good to consult professional cleaning services in Salt Lake City every six months.
  • Do not smoke inside the house. Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that are detrimental in many ways. Trapping cigarette smoke inside the house is a big no-no.
  • Place doormats at entrances to reduce pollutants from shoes. It’s better to remove your shoes before going inside the house.
  • A radon test is necessary, according to WebMD. Radon is a hazardous gas that originates from uranium decay. Most soils emit radon and enter your space through foundation cracks or holes. The presence of this radioactive gas is a risk factor for lung cancer.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaners and products.
  • Keep humidity level at 30 to 50 percent. Too much moisture invites mold and dust mites.

Indoor Air Quality and Health

IAQ has a significant impact on health. According to the NCBI website, indoor air may also be contaminated with outdoor pollutants in different forms, including gases, volatile organic compounds, and biological compounds. These are all hazardous to your health, especially with prolonged exposure. In addition to a higher risk for allergies, poor IAQ also worsens the condition of people with existing cardiovascular disease or respiratory problems.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your daily activities and lifestyle have an impact on indoor air quality, according to For example, smoking inside the house pollutes indoor air. When you have pets at home, dead skin cells known as dander are dispersed into the air. If you don’t clean home furniture often or change fabrics at home, the family is exposed to dust mites. Poor ventilation also affects indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality has a massive impact on your health and quality of life. You should improve IAQ to reduce the chances of family members getting sick. Doing these things will provide cleaner, healthier air for the family.

How to Come to a Parenting Agreement

child undergoing a divorce

child undergoing a divorceDivorce is hard on the whole family. However, it is especially hard for children. Many children feel that the divorce is their fault. This feeling becomes stronger when parents fight about parenting rights. It is important to try to come to a parenting agreement without going to court.

Family lawyers in Wellington can help by keeping the child’s best interest at the centre of the discussion and get approval from the court. If you need advice on how to come to a parenting agreement, find out what you need to do.

Choose Neutral Ground

Talking about parenting time with your ex-spouse can be emotional. You do not want to do it where the child can hear you. You should choose a place that does not put either of you at the defensive. It could be at a quiet restaurant or a mutual friend’s house.

Have someone at hand to keep the conversation on point, such as a mediator. The important thing is to focus on finding the best way to make the situation as easy for the child as possible.

Avoid Pointing Fingers

It can be hard to keep tempers from flaring when talking with an ex-spouse. This is especially true if your divorce was not amicable. Pointing fingers and placing blame is very tempting.

However, that is not constructive. This is about the well-being of your child. You should put your differences aside so that you can talk about how the child can spend time and have a relationship with both of you.

Look for Compromises

A child needs to have a good relationship with both parents. Try to find ways to make sure the child spends quality time with both you and your ex-spouse without making the child feel like a ping-pong ball.

A way is to arrange a schedule — for example, you could have them on weekdays, your ex-spouse on weekends. You could also have alternate weeks with the child. Also consider trades for holidays. For example, you can have them on Christmas; while your ex-spouse could have them on New Year’s Day.

Coming to a parenting agreement without fighting is a big step in the right direction. It will help your child come to terms with divorce. Family lawyers can help create a parenting agreement that the court will approve.

Packing Essentials for Cycling Holidays

Athlete cycling on the road

Athlete cycling on the roadWith millions of cyclists around the world, cycling is no doubt one of the top sports today. Doctors recommend cycling as a way to become fit and relax the mind.

In fact, more people are enrolling for the road cycling holidays in Italy this year. If you are planning to have your holiday on and off the bike, here are four essentials to carry on your holiday:


Pictures capture memories that you will cherish for many years. You will witness beautiful sceneries while cycling and there is no better way to have the memories than to capture the moments in real time. You will need a lightweight camera that can take high-resolution photos.

Comfortable Gear

The right equipment is important to ensure that you do not get tired quickly. Your cycling gear should be light, breathable and comfortable. Your shoes should fit you properly for longer periods of cycling. Source each of your cycling gear from a reputable sports shop to get more guidance on the right items to carry for your holiday.

Water Bottle

Cycling is a physical activity that will get you dehydrated along the way, especially if you will be cycling in hot areas. There are water bottles with unique designs to fit on your bike and are made specifically for cyclists. You do not need to worry about refilling your water bottle, as you will make multiple stops on the way.

Sun Protection

You will need to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. That said, you must bring glasses that will minimise the glare from the sun and protect your eyes from intense UV rays. A good-quality sunscreen will come in handy as well.

Cycling is among the best ways to spend your holiday. You can do it to achieve a fitter body and find an opportunity to meet other cyclists. There is no doubt you will likewise have fun.

How Much Should You Pay for a Security Door Installation?

metal security doorU.S. homeowners who plan to install a security door should expect to spend an average of $1,400, although some may only pay as low as $600 or up to $4,600.

If you want to put decorative security doors at home, according to Liberty Home Products, the cost of doing so will depend on certain factors such as labor and materials. The addition of sensor technology also affects the overall price.

Types of Security Doors

There are different types of security door for each part of the house. A sliding one, for instance, is commonly used on the patio. This can cost between $300 and $1,000. You will have to spend more if you wish to use larger glass pieces.

Doors as a storm barrier also cost at least $300, but some are worth up to $3,000. In terms of material, wrought iron doors are the most expensive at $4,000 on average, while steel-encased hardwood usually costs $3,000. The high prices cause many homeowners to choose steel, which is more affordable at a price range of $300 to $700 yet equally durable.

Security System

Most doors can now be connected to your home alarm system through sensors, so think about compatibility when planning to buy a new one. The standard sensors at home normally use two sets with one attached to the door itself, while the other is installed into the frame.

Sensors can function on batteries that no longer requires the installation of wires connected to the alarm system. However, you need to check the battery regularly for signs of low power at least every week. Wired sensors are an alternative if you don’t want periodic inspections, although this takes more time for installation.

When choosing a professional to install a security door, consult with a service provider who offers a variety of products for better selection. How much are you willing to spend on the safety of your home?

When You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself: Signs You Need a Plumber

Plumber Fixing Pipe

Plumber Fixing Pipe Plumbing is one of the areas you don’t pay attention to until it’s too late. Notably, homeowners have a few plumbing tools to fix minor issues, such as plungers and elbow grease. However, plumbing repairs, such as clogged drains and leaky pipes are best fixed by certified plumbers.

Unfortunately, homeowners don’t know when to call a plumber, and they end up waiting until the problem has outgrown, which becomes expensive and time-consuming to fix. Well, this article highlights warning signs to look out for in your plumbing systems such as coloured water and noisy toilets.

Water flow

You need to be sure that the water flow rate is consistent when you turn on faucets in tubs, sinks, and showers. Mineral build-up or clogged aerators are some of the reasons that you experience a low flow rate from one faucet.

Notably, the accumulation of minerals might worsen with time if you don’t address the issue by calling a professional plumber.

Noisy toilet

Besides the water flow rate, you also need to be on the lookout for a continuously running toilet. Don’t ignore a noisy toilet because it will increase your monthly water bills. A professional plumber will quickly detect the problem and repair it immediately to save several gallons of water.

Slow draining

The other warning sign you should never ignore is when your bathroom or kitchen sinks take longer than usual to drain. A certified plumber has the skills of discovering the clog source and repairing it. It is not advisable to try to release the clog because it can result in more pipe damage than before.

It is vital to take immediate action when you notice any of the signs discussed in this article, rather than trying to fix the issue on your own.

Therefore, if you need a plumber, hire a licensed and experienced one for quality plumbing services. Besides, proper maintenance of plumbing systems is essential in preventing emergency plumbing faults.

4 Facts about Lawn Sprinklers For Homeowners

Man adjusting sprinkler

Man adjusting sprinklerIt’s summer once again, which means the plants at home will be thirsty. Potted plants could easily be sprinkled by a watering can, but what about the plants and grass on your lawns and gardens?

This question led to the invention of home sprinklers, which consist of nozzles, filters, and pipes that spray water in a circular pattern all over your lawn or garden. While these sprinklers have been proven effective at keeping the greenery clean, a home sprinkler repair expert in Salt Lake City explains that sprinklers could get broken if not maintained properly.

Here are some facts you need to know about these amazing inventions:

1. Water Quality in Use

The water used in your sprinkler system could affect its pipes, so make sure you know where it’s coming from. For example, if it’s coming from rivers, wells, or any untreated body of water, it could leave silt grains that could block the pipes over time. It’s better to use clean water to prevent silt-blocked pipes.

2. Winter Temperatures

The cold temperature in winter could freeze pipes, which could take longer to detect since they are underground. Once this happens, a repair expert can fix the frozen pipes or replace them with better ones.

3. Lawn Mowing Debris

Whenever you’re mowing your lawn, be sure to clean up the debris afterward. Cut leaves or dirt could end up blocking the filter and preventing the sprinkler from watering the lawn.

4. Cracks from Pressure

Because pipes are installed underground, they are prone to getting cracks due to the pressure from the surrounding earth. Cracked pipes could make the water dirty and could lead to higher water bills because of the leaks from the cracks. It’s important to have the pipes checked for hidden defects like this.

Households are expected to take care of their plants and greenery during the summer. Using a lawn sprinkler system helps keep the plants and grass hydrated throughout the season. Homeowners should know the basics of using a sprinkler as well.

A Basic Overview of Factory Safety

Safety is Job #1 Signage

Safety is Job #1 SignageIn the industrial setting, efficiency is the key to success. When things are running smoothly, you’re making money. But in the flow of machinery and manpower, it’s easy to forget about safety.

Workplace accidents are some of the biggest causes of loss in the manufacturing industry. When a worker is injured—or worse killed—it could put your business in financial ruin. This is why Australian safety supplies are all the more important in high-risk areas.

But more importantly, a keen eye and alertness are important to combat workplace hazards. Here are some things you can use to keep vigilant.

Access to Training and Safety

Order must always be observed at the workplace. All employees on the factory floor must wear protective gear at all times. These include hard hats, eye protection, and face masks. Also, passageways and hallways must be clear of any obstruction to prevent slips and falls.

It’s important to remember that equipment should always be used properly. Horseplay should not be tolerated around heavy machinery and equipment especially during work hours. This could make your business liable for any injuries that occur.

The best way to prevent this is through proper training. Training your staff in the correct use of equipment will ensure that they are armed with the knowledge they need to do their job correctly.

Emergency Situations and Prevention

In case of emergencies, your factory needs to have a contingency plan in place. This includes easy, unobstructed access to fire escapes as well as fire extinguishers or sprinklers.

Prevention is always better than cure, however. To prevent fires, only keep a manageable amount of flammable materials on hand. Always store these materials properly, away from any sources of heat. Waste should be properly stored and disposed of in metal containers, especially when hazardous.

These are just some of the ways you can avoid serious workplace injury. Remember that you’re responsible for your employees’ safety and must always be vigilant and alert to prevent and serious hazards or emergencies.

How to Make Your Lawn or Yard Child-Friendly

Chain Link FencingWhen growing up, children want to learn, play, and discover many things. They will no longer sit in the same spot; instead, they will explore the what your lawn offers, often running around and playing with almost anything they can find.

As a parent, it is important to ensure that your lawn is safe enough for your child. Follow these tips to make your lawn safe and secure:

Add a perimeter fence

If you live around the busy parts of Salt Lake City, United Fence Company recommends that you find chain link fence contractors to add a perimeter fence that will keep your baby inside. Don’t go for fences that leave huge gaps that children can pass through. While wooden fences might block your view, chain link fences will give you a view and keep your kids safely inside.

Childproof the pool

Place a fence around your pool to prevent your children from going there unnoticed. In addition to the fence, cover the pool with a rigid cover that extends to its entire length. If you own an above-ground pool, ensure to remove the ladder whenever the pool isn’t in use. You should also be on the lookout for any breaks or cracks.

Install child safe gates

A self-latching gate is essential just in case someone forgets to lock it. Kids are always curious and will attempt to open the gate at every chance they get. Having a lock that secures the gate will ensure that they stay inside the yard. It is also vital to pick gates that don’t swing inwards with force. You never know when your toddler could be right behind you.

Keeping the lawn child-friendly requires a lot of effort and dedication. However, it is an integral part of home ownership that will help your child stay safe and healthy. After all, you will only be happy when your child is happy and secure.

How Caregivers Can Improve Patient Comfort


caregiverPatients are in constant contact with many sources of discomfort, whether at home or a hospital. As a caregiver, it is your duty to ensure that your patient stays comfortably for a quick recovery.

There is equipment designed to improve the patient’s experience at home or in hospitals. While most modern can easily acquire this equipment, not every household can afford them. However, this doesn’t mean that your patient should remain uncomfortable. These tips will come in handy.

Lifting carefully

You need a lifting hoist for moving the elderly from a bed to a seat or the other way around. Moving them manually can be risky and tiresome in some instances. You can easily acquire lifting equipment for use at home. If you have a good budget, then go for modern hydraulic lifting equipment.

Modern LED lights

Subdued pleasant lights help the patient see without inducing headaches and buzzing just like with glaring light. Replace the old lighting with modern LED lights that diffuse light and reduce eye-strain.

These LED lights also help in preventing the artificially induced Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that arises from poor lighting.

Caregiver-patient relationship

Your patient may suffer in silence if he or she isn’t sure of the way you will respond. While home care isn’t the easiest duty, make an effort to establish a relationship with your patient.

Show compassion to the elderly, be patient, listen more, and use encouragement to develop a caring relationship. These types of relationships are important for the health and comfort of your patient.

While most of the discomfort a patient suffers relate to the patient’s condition, some of it comes from the way the home or hospital is organised. Caregivers can help identify and eliminate these sources of discomfort. After all, your patient must be comfortable to increase the chances of healing faster.