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3 Reasons to Become a Nurse Legal Consultant

Stethoscope with a Gavel

Simply put, nurse legal consultants provide medical expertise in legal cases. They are part of a legal team who help lawyers, and other legal professionals read, interpret, and explain medical records in health care-related cases and topics. They also explain the medical terminologies involved in the legal cases. Here are three things you should know about this type of profession.

How Do You Become a Nurse Legal Consultant?

The first thing you need to do is to get your Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). After which, you should pass your National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). To become a nurse legal consultant, you need to spend five years working as a Registered Nurse (RN). Then, you should work at least two years in the field of legal nursing. After that, you can get your Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC) by the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCCB).

Where Do Nurse Legal Consultants Work?

Certified legal nurse consultants work in various healthcare settings such as hospitals and insurance companies. They also work in several law firms. The majority of them work on a contract-basis, which is very favorable due to flexible work environment and schedules.

How Much Do Legal Nurse Consultants Earn?

When it comes to average salary, a certified legal nurse consultant can make between $49,000 and $64,000. The salary is often highly dependent on the terms of employment. But it’s good to know that many can build and enjoy high-paying careers. In fact, some of the legal nurse consultants in practice today earn higher than their RN counterparts.

Are You Ready to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

If you’re already a registered nurse, consider looking into the field of legal nurse consulting and see for yourself if this is something that you’d rather do. There are many perks to the job, including a more flexible work schedule and the environment. Consider these facts if you’re currently deciding to shift gears.

Legal Careers That Don’t Need a Law Degree

Gavel on Top of a Laptop

Gavel on Top of a Laptop

Let’s admit it, studying law is expensive. Apart from the tuition, the course involves tons of miscellaneous fees, including books, boarding, internship, and exams. According to CBS News, it costs around $43,000 a year to study in a top law school. That’s a huge amount of money that not every aspiring lawyer can afford.

Fortunately, there are still many opportunities for students who wish to take the legal route. Yes, you can work in a firm or a courtroom without spending too much on education. See our list of careers below.


Also known as legal assistants, paralegals work in the same vein as lawyers and attorneys. They typically work in law offices and even head to courtrooms when necessary. Paralegals carry out actions suggested by a lawyer: interview witnesses, study claims, and file legal documents, among many others. The demand for paralegals is getting higher every year, which is why many students choose to take paralegal degrees online.

Court Reporter

Are you well-organized and have a keen eye for detail? If yes, then you might as well be a court reporter. Also known as stenographers, court reporters record speeches, court testimonies, and other legal proceedings. The demand for the position is extremely high, considering the low number of people entering the profession. An associate’s degree program, license, and certification are required to become a court reporter.


Mediators, as the title imposes, mediate. By providing direction, resolution, and encouragement, this kind of legal profession aims to settle disputes between arguing parties. Mediators work outside the courtroom as they do not represent or advocate a lawsuit. One must have training in mediation as well as a certification to become a mediator.

The road to the law is hard and expensive. However, one should not lose hope and confidence because there are other ways to obtain a legal profession. Consider the abovementioned careers, and you’re off to a great start.

Strategies for Improving Road Transport Performance

Trailer delivery truck on a warehouse being repairedEvery year, companies move tonnes of goods from one region to another. This practice brings products and services closer to people who have no ready access to them. The road has been the primary method used to transport heavy goods using trucks and low load trailers since time immemorial. These moving equipment move huge and heavy products to their destination.

However, the emergence of many companies offering the same services has put pressure on many establishments. This situation has pushed the investors back to the drawing board to come up with new strategies.

1. Acquiring a modern fleet

Embracing trucks and trailers with advanced features ensure that they can manoeuvre through the terrain with ease. The vehicles should have fuel efficient engines and withstand extended periods without a need for major services.

2. Qualified staff

Today, truck drivers perform minor mechanical operations on the road. This skill enables them to detect any mechanical issue and to solve it before it gets out of hand. The company should employ qualified drivers and engineers who offer their services on time to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers.

3. Implementing road accident measures

Drivers are responsible for causing most untoward incidences on the roads. However, they are not solely to blame for this state of affairs. Partly to blame are the long hours of work, failure to recognise tiredness and use of medication that causes drowsiness. Corrective measures should be implemented to prevent unnecessary accidents and delays.

4. Have a healthy working capital

The transport sector has busy and sluggish seasons. The company should be ready to overcome pressures of low seasons and reap maximum profits during high periods.

The transport industry is a lucrative venture. Observing minimum requirements will keep your company afloat and profitable for a long time.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Still Your Best Option

Woman Smiling with Her Teeth Showing

Tooth discolouration is one of the major concerns among people from different age groups in the UK. Closely related to one’s lifestyle and health, the yellowing or browning of teeth is a common problem in the country.

Many patients get the help of cosmetic dentists in London to bring back the natural colour of their teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and most sought after solutions today. But as online shopping makes products more accessible, people are turning to teeth whitening kits. But do they really work?

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Active ingredients, including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, are used to bleach teeth. The actual whitening itself is a simple procedure, but it requires certain safety measures. The procedure calls for a preliminary examination of the teeth and the entire oral cavity in order to determine the necessity of bleaching, as well as how intense the bleaching should be.

The process takes about an hour or two per session. The entire whitening procedure would take around two to four weeks before results would show.

Causes of Discolouration

There are many causes of discolouration. Sometimes it is genetic, but most of the time, the teeth yellows over time due to certain lifestyle choices. Intense colour pigments from food and beverages are the usual causes. Coffee, wine and tea stain the teeth really well. With tea being the main beverage in the UK, it is not strange that tooth discolouration is a common problem in the country. Age, trauma and medications likewise cause tooth discolouration.

Does It Always Work?

As there are different causes of discolouration, the treatment should be unique to every patient. Cosmetic dentists often work on botched whitening jobs caused by home kits. As DIY kits do not have specific instructions on the amount of substance to be used or applied, the results are inconsistent, or worse, the colours come out in different shades of yellow and dirty white. This is the primary reason professional bleaching is still the best option.

Teeth whitening is an effective solution to tooth discolouration, but only if it is done right. Consult your dentist first to determine the right approach based on the condition of your teeth.

Ways You Can Ensure the Success of Your Building or Renovation Project

People creating a buildingThe real estate market in Salt Lake City has become one of the fastest growing house markets in 2015. So it can be hard on the wallet to build or renovate a home in the capital and most populous city of Utah. However, revamping your home could increase its value and guarantee large returns if you plan to sell it. Additionally, you could transform your space and turn it into a haven of comfort and serenity.

Below are valuable tips to help you prepare for a successful home renovation project.

Create Your Budget

It pays to create an all-inclusive budget before you begin your research for homebuilders in Salt Lake City. Note the scope of your project and also think about your objectives. Additionally, get at least three estimates from various builders and compare them. Aim at getting excellent value for your money without overstretching your financial means.

Seek the Advice of a Specialist

If you are not a trained builder, the chances are that you have your project facts twisted. Therefore, it is necessary for you not to shy away from seeking the views of a trained specialist. Ask about alternatives that you could consider in case you have a limited budget. Any builder who is worth the money should be able to give invaluable guidance to drive the success of your project.

Prepare For Interruption

Renovations can disrupt your normal life. This is more so the case if the property you live in is the same one that needs revamping. Choosing to get alternative accommodation is always crucial. This would not only ensure the comfort and safety of your loved ones. It would also ensure that your contractors have the space they need to do their work.

Because of the costly nature of building and renovation, the first thing you may want to do is secure your funds. After all, your budget plays a significant role in determining how far you can go in revamping your space. However, what's more important is to be sure you rely on skilled, ethical and dependable builders.

Gaming in Recruitment: Attracting the Next Generation of the Workforce

Man holding a game controller playing video gamesAbout half of the UK population plays video games. This is not a recent development. The gaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years due to the accessibility of mobile games — with a tap of the screen, players can instantly download games on their smartphones.

Gaming is more than just everyone’s favourite pastime, however. It has, in fact, made its way into the workplace as a nonbiased way for evaluating candidates. Companies like Jennings Morton Friel Associates Ltd, after all, believe in the importance of employing a customised and personal approach to recruitment. Is gaming the new preferred tool in attracting and evaluating members of the workforce, then?

Creating an Interactive Experience with Applicants

Unilever, a provider of food, cleaning agents and personal care products has incorporated gaming into their recruitment program. Since they receive over 250,000 graduate applications every year, their digital recruitment platform uses online gaming to ensure easier candidate selection. The program mixes gaming with video interviews to single out potential hires. Leena Nair, Chief Officer of HR at Unilever, says the approach helps them create an interactive experience with applicants.

Gaming Helps Identify Candidates that fit a Company’s Goal and Purpose

Unilever’s new program is the real-life equivalent of slaying a dragon to get inside the castle. First, the company invites the applicant to play a series of games. The special games allow Unilever to determine each candidate’s potential as to whether their personal views align with the company’s mission and goals. Those who perform well in the games and the video interview score a face-to-face interview for a possible job offer.

There are various ways employers can integrate gaming elements into their recruitment process. A rewards system, like awarding an applicant with a star after completing an online test, for instance, can help keep candidates motivated. Furthermore, playing games during interviews can support greater engagement with potential hires.

Spicing up the recruitment process is possible through gaming. Apart from providing valuable information to recruiters, it also helps them attract more members of the workforce.

The Risks of Stepping Into the Water After Indoor Flooding

Flood inside the houseMany people don’t like to talk or even think about what they will do when a storm results in indoor flooding. Difficult as it may be, it’s important that homeowners prepare for the worst. Doing so can mean the difference between having a completely damaged home and one that they can return to right away.

In the event that your home becomes flooded indoors, you should contact a water damage repair company right away. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC reminds that this is one thing you should not put off, as it's important in containing the damage and preventing health problems.

Where the Water Came from Determines the Potential Health Risks

There are three types of water damage, based on how polluted the source of water is.

  • Category 1 refers to damage brought by a clean water source, such as a dishwasher’s or a washing machine’s water supply line. As the water is clean and clear, exposure will not cause immediate health effects.
  • Category 2 pertains to damage from water that originated from a source with potential bacterial contamination. Direct exposure, such as through physical contact, may result in illnesses.
  • Under Category 3, the water that caused the damage contains high levels of contamination. This includes water from sewers, storm drains, or overflowing toilets.

Contaminated Water Puts Everyone at Risk

Regardless of the water source, you shouldn’t take the risk, even if it started out as a Category 1 damage. The route that it passed through may already have polluted and contaminated it, which means it can progress quickly to Category 2.

To prevent exposure that can lead to serious illnesses, it’s best that you let professionals handle your water damage problem at home. Don’t delay calling them, as only water damage repair specialists have the necessary tools and equipment to dry your home out quickly and prevent the spread of allergens and pathogens.

The Serious Consequences of Procrastination on Your Teeth

Getting A Dental CheckupDental cavities (or teeth carries) can still affect some people even if they have good oral habits. And because this type of damage comes with symptoms that don’t appear right away, you may go about your usual day-to-day activities none the wiser, until it has worsened and is already causing you pain.

Whether or not these symptoms of cavities manifest right away, it’s important you seek the help of a Westfield family dentistry practice immediately. Delaying assessment, diagnosis, and treatment will just lead to future problems.

Delayed treatment: A leading cause of extractions

Postponing your visit to the dentist will allow the carries to progress, causing more damage to the affected tooth. Keep in mind that regardless of your at-home or in-office attempts to get rid of the damage, none will work nor will the tooth repair itself.

With the correct treatment from an oral health care provider, you can still save your tooth and minimize your costs. After all, extraction costs more than a filling.

Tooth-saving options for early-stage decay

Another reason to have a decaying tooth fixed as soon as possible is that this gives you more options to save it. For instance, when your dentist discovers only a small area of decay, you can ask them to put a filling in your teeth, which may consist of either a composite (plastic) resin or a porcelain filling material. If there’s a more serious damage, like when the decay reaches the dental nerves, your doctor may recommend either a root canal therapy or pulp capping.

As you can see, extraction is the last resort when it comes to tooth decay. However, delaying treatment increases your risk of having this as the sole option. Before you reach this point, have a licensed and experienced dentist treat your affected tooth immediately.

Three Industries that Benefit from Royalties

MoneyYou've heard the term "royalty" used countless times, but do you know who is entitled to it? Some industries, companies, and professions receive royalty payments, while others don't. 

Royalty payments are especially important in these three industries: 

Food Industry 

If you're thankful for that branch of Papa John's or Domino's that is near your area, you might have franchising to thank for that. Though not all food establishments offer to franchise, many do so in order to get their food to more places all over the world. Here, royalties are earned by the franchisor on a monthly basis, usually as a percentage of the revenue of the franchisee. Royalty payments accounting professionals usually handle the books to make sure the right amount of the royalty payments come through each month. 

Publication Industry 

Your favorite books reach you because your favorite author gave a certain distributor the license to distribute the original work internationally or locally. The license usually expires after a certain time, but while it's valid, the author receives royalty payments from the sales of the books. Some of the payments will have to be adjusted, however, considering that authors may require a royalty and book advance even before the book has been completed. 

Music Industry 

A lot of thought and hard work comes into the creation of a song. An entire album takes months or even years of work and attention to detail. For all their troubles, songwriters and composers are paid music royalties for the distribution of their work and for the use of their track anywhere that generates income for the distributor. The use of a person or band's name may also fall under a copyright and will require negotiation. 

The IT industry and the hospitality industry may also rely on royalty payments as part of their regular monthly income, if not its sole source. Know how royalty payments are computed before you use any copyrighted material or brand name. 

Amazing Benefits of Installing a Patio Cover

Luxury house with a welcoming patioOne amazing thing about the Brisbane climate is that it offers lots of sunshine. But with this comes relentless heat that might just keep you from further enjoying your outdoor space. You need an effective solution to maintain a comfortable outdoor environment.

Patio covers are a great solution to make the most out of outdoor patio in Brisbane. There are different designs to fit whatever material or shape your patio has. Here are some of the benefits of doing this improvement project for your outdoor nook:

Providing Shade

With a properly constructed patio cover, you can surely enjoy fresh air even when the sun is high up. It also provides good protection during small gatherings, barbeque, or even a pool party.

Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

The UV rays brought by the sunlight is not only harmful to your skin, but also to your outdoor furniture. A high-quality patio cover can protect them from the sun’s adverse effect and prevent fabrics from being damaged.

Keeping Your Patio Dry

Exposure to water can make metal accumulate rust and cause any wooden material on your patio to rot. A good patio cover allows you to style your space with any items you otherwise would not use because of the rain, such as rigs, coffee table books, and pillows. You can also relax outside during light rain because you will be completely protected.

Your patio is a great place for almost any activity, and you are sure to enjoy it more with a quality cover. With this, you will never have to worry about being exposed to too much heat or rain. Be sure to contact a reputable builder to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Experts recommend looking for the right style to compliment your home’s exterior design.