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When Marriage Breaks: Protecting Your Assets during a Divorce

Marriage BreakupAsset splits and lawyer fees during a divorce can be financially crushing to couples. Wisdom dictates, however, that people can prepare for worst-case scenarios such as these through proper planning. A spouse who wants to keep his or her assets protected in case their marriage isn’t working out may take note of the following.

Put Your Assets in a Company

The law recognises a company as a separate legal entity, which can act as a vessel to acquire and hold assets. Doing this, however, requires you to undertake precautionary measures. Thus, it is best to consult with a lawyer from a reputable law office, such as Connolly Suthers, before proceeding with this option.

Create a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, otherwise referred to as the financial agreement under the Family Law Act 1975, can go a long way in preserving your assets if you want to seek a divorce. The agreement contains an arrangement on how partners will manage financial resources and property before, during, and after the marriage. Spouses can even specify which property is subject to the agreement. Both sides must sign the agreement for it to be effective.

Sort Out Your Superannuation

A good way to lock your investments until retirement is through superannuation. Your assets remain locked until you reach retirement age. It lets you acquire property through a self-managed superannuation fund. Discuss this option with your financial adviser or lawyer if you plan on doing this.

Form a Family Trust

A family trust deed establishes a separate entity that can hold an asset separate from the matrimonial assets. The deed will include the rights pertaining to the asset as well as beneficiaries of the asset. Ensure that the deed is well-drafted so you can save up money through asset protection.

Having a plan to safeguard your assets can help secure your financial future in the event of a marriage breakdown. Divorce, however, should always be a last resort as this process could be lengthy, complex and expensive.

Only the Best: What to Consider When Choosing a Dust Collector

DustDust collectors are important to manufacturing companies as it can improve worker productivity and enhance the air quality in a facility. Manufacturing companies searching for an ideal dust collector need to consider a wide range of variables when purchasing a dust collection system, from air flow dynamics to the type of dust needed for filtering and collection. If you’re looking for an aluminum dust collector that can satisfy your company’s industrial requirements, keep these things in mind.

Fewer Wires

In the past, one way of enhancing the performance of a dust collector was to mount a control panel and automate certain functions. Doing so required the help of an electrician to install and wire this piece of equipment.

Nowadays, innovative companies design industrial ventilation equipment that integrates electronic control panels that remove the need to install or add an auxiliary control system. Additionally, these cloud-based control systems offer predictive maintenance capabilities and maximize system efficiency. So, opt for a dust collector that says goodbye to wire-dependent technology.

Safety Features

Dust collection systems that have built-in safety features are a better option compared to other products on the market. One great feature is an automatic fire suppression system that immediately activates during an accidental ignition of combustible particulates.

Look for dust collectors that have advanced smoke and heat detection features as well. If the dust collector detects heat, it will release a fire suppressant gas to smother a fire. If it detects smoke, meanwhile, the dust collector will close a damper to get rid of oxygen and put the fire out.

Self-Contained Design

An ideal dust collector should have all the parts needed to make it operational. Choose one that has the filters, safety features, control panel, blower, motor, and cabinet housed in one self-contained design. This will help you avoid spending too much time assembling and installing your industrial ventilation equipment.

Take note of these criteria when shopping for a dust collector for your manufacturing operations. Look over each piece of dust collection equipment carefully and ask questions about all available options.

4 Smart Upgrades For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Upgrade in New Zealand

Kitchen Upgrade in New ZealandWhen it comes to kitchen upgrades, you have to choose where to splurge and where to save. Investing in smart upgrades will not just improve your home’s aesthetics, but increase its resale value as well.

Here are some upgrades you can do for your kitchen.

Invest in Top-Quality Kitchen Countertops

Other than your cabinets, countertops take up the most space in your kitchen. These are among the first things people notice when they visit this particular space. There are many choices when it comes to countertop materials, but EuroStone is leading in terms of quality.

Prestige Bench Top Limited agrees that EuroStone countertops are extremely durable and resistant to scratches, stains, mildew, mould and cracks. Work with a EuroStone countertop supplier in New Zealand so you can get the results you want from your home improvement project.

Give Your Cabinets an Overhaul

Cabinets can make or break a potential property sale. Buyers often focus on the conditions of kitchen cabinets—whether they need to be gutted or simply repainted. Many people give their cabinets a fresh coat of paint every few years. But if you want that wow factor, consider replacing old ones with state of the art cabinets.

Install High-Quality Faucets and Sinks

Faucets may be small, but they are the little details that bring every style element together. Sleek faucets give your kitchen that classy vibe. If you are upgrading your faucets, you might as well go all the way and get a matching high-quality sink, as well. Otherwise, the old sink might look out of place.

Get Decorative Backsplashes

Think of backsplashes as blank canvases. You can design them any way you want. You can work with a bold paint colour or add decorative tiles to make them stand out. Red and black tiles are often the top options for modern homeowners.

The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas in your home. It is a space you use every day. Make it a place that you want to spend more time in with these smart and long-lasting upgrades.

The Reason Men are Afraid of their Feelings


The need for a men’s therapist is real. With the amount stress men endure every day, it is no wonder they need therapy. According to the millennial health survey in 2014, 42% of males under from ages 18 to 32 consider therapy sessions vital to their health.

Those who have sought out therapy have reported problems with their relationships, stress anxiety, and even depression. Despite that, there are still a lot of men who refuse to consult a therapist. This article explains why.

Historical factors

From a historical standpoint, men have always been associated with dominance. Throughout the generations, men have taken the roles of hunters, warriors, and providers for their families. Historical figures include men of power who were rulers of countries and leaders in the military. Because of this, the men of today have to live up to certain expectations. These expectations include being a protector, provider, and figure of authority.

You can imagine what kind of pressure that puts on a person to have to keep a certain image. For many, consulting a men’s therapist about feelings makes them feel like less of a man.

Cultural factors

The tendency to treat men as emotionless creatures is not just in the American culture. Many other cultures subscribe to this kind of thinking, mostly because of survival. Men could not afford to show weakness. Emotions for them are a form of weakness. From generation to generation, this has firmly rooted in their psyche.

Suppressing emotions can indirectly cause all sorts of mental and physical problems to a man. Some men fall into depression or stress anxiety. Others can even fall into substance abuse and ruin their relationships.

Most men fail to understand is emotions are a natural part of life. Suppressing it will only make it worse. Men need to stop giving so much importance to the ‘Macho man’ image and express their feelings. This is why most men need therapy.

Breaking Boundaries: Digital Learning Expands Possibilities for Students

Online Courses

Educators, students, and even employers have recognized the value of online courses. There have even been plans among institutions to include online undergraduate courses in school curriculums. In fact, a 2014 report from the Association of Colleges reveals that the integration of technological solutions in an inevitable part of future education.

Those seeking a legal career have the option of taking an online paralegal course to supplement their education in the classroom. Aside from the legal industry, however, digital learning is gaining traction in universities due to the various educational benefits it offers.

Expanding Reach to a Broader Student Audience

Online courses offer a different approach to education compared to traditional campus-based teaching. In fact, Stanford University has fully embraced digital learning with its massive online open courses (MOOCs), free courses that students around the world can take advantage of. In the initial release of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence MOOC, there were 160,000 enrollees of students from 190 different countries.

An Economic Alternative to Campus-Based Study

The prevalence of online degrees gives students the opportunity to improve their qualifications if they have little time or money to enroll in a full semester in college. In fact, there are about 5.8 million students in the US alone who have taken at least one online course. Furthermore, industry giants have endorsed online programs to students. Starbucks offers four years of tuition reimbursement to workers who want to earn an online undergraduate degree from Arizona State University.

An Increase in Student Interest for Online Courses

In the digital age, the interest in online education among students and institutions continues to grow. Online classes are flexible and give students the freedom to use smartphones and apps to keep up with schoolwork. As a result, the prospect of studying an online course is more appealing to students and opens the door to more hybrid models of learning.

Online courses democratize education by making a variety of subjects available to a wider student audience. While there has been a rapid rise in students who want to pursue education online, universities should also show the same enthusiasm in offering established courses online for the benefit of students.

Aluminium Shutters: All They Need is a Fresh Coat of Paint

Aluminium Shutters in Brisbane

Today’s aluminium shutters are not only well designed, but they’re also durable and can last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Shutters from Timber Interiors can provide an additional boost to exterior windows and your home’s overall look. Fortunately, giving your Brisbane home an update is as simple as painting your aluminium shutters.

When amateur painters try their hands at painting aluminium shutters, it often results in flaking and chipping. Many people believe it’s due to the wrong choice of paint, when in fact, improper surface preparation is what causes the problem. Depending on where your aluminium shutters are, you should choose the right type of paint and application technique to achieve a flawless finish.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

Proper Preparation

For easier access, remove the shutters from where they are in your house using a screwdriver. Also, because it will be difficult to apply new paint on top of an old, shiny paint, make sure to degloss or sand the surface properly. Finally, clean the shutters thoroughly using a stiff nylon scrub brush and a non-phosphate cleaner. Other types of cleaners available in the market may cause corrosion once it gets in contact with aluminium. Afterwards, rinse and let the shutters completely dry.

The Right Tools

For the prep phase, get a screwdriver, a deglossing liquid, and sandpaper. Purchase a primer and an exterior metal paint. These are available in lumberyards and paint stores, usually in aerosol cans. For paint sprayers, you can choose between commercial styles (more expensive) and consumer models (more affordable). Also, make sure there’s a protected outdoor area in or near your home that’s protected from the wind. This is important when you spray the shutters.

The Right Paint

As you may already know, there are specific types of paint for use on aluminium. When choosing a primer and topcoat paint, make sure they’re highly compatible with metal and are safe for exterior use. Go for enamel or semi-gloss paint, as its glossy surface will help shed water. To achieve the best results, spraying on the shutters is the best application.

With a fresh coat of paint on your aluminium shutters, you can give your home a makeover.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Termite Infestation in Auckland

Inspect your walls for termites in Auckland New Zealand is known for many things, including acres of dense forests and greeneries, and cosy homes that maximise wood. Although these things make the country a breathable, liveable place, they also allow termites to breed and build colonies comfortably.

In 2014, homes in an upscale neighbourhood in Auckland found out they’ve been living with termites.

The first step to preventing termites from eating your home’s foundation is to spot signs of infestation. Get to know the basic facts:

1. The Signs May be on the Hardwood Floor

Termites can chew carpet floors and cause the laminate to sag. Other signs of infestation include the floor having loose boards and a hollow sound, along with baseboard damage and warping. To repair the flooring, call a termite exterminator and bring in flooring finishing specialists from Auckland who can also recommend better materials for termite prevention.

2. There Are Different Types of Termites

New Zealand has many types of termites, although the number is lower than that of Australia. Two of the well-known invaders are the subterranean and the drywood termites.

The subterranean termites came from Australia, believed to have arrived in New Zealand through poorly controlled exported wood. They prefer to build a centralised nest structure in the soil. To transport food and move around your home, they build tunnels. These tunnels appear like irregular mud patterns on the walls, so they’re easier to detect than their cousins, the drywood termites.

New Zealand has native drywood termites, and unlike the Australian termites, they create small colonies. Moreover, they can live in their habitat for years without digging their way out of the wood, making them more difficult to detect.

3. You will Know Them by Their Wings and Droppings

One of the obvious signs of termite infestation is wood damage, but usually, this occurs when the infestation is already severe. This is why it pays to be alert of subtle signs such as the presence of wings near windowsills or hexagonal-shaped droppings near wood parts.

Don’t let the termites win their place in your home. Pay attention to the signs and learn more about them.

Delegating Business Processes to Insurance Outsourcing Vendors


OutsourcingMany companies can benefit from outsourcing. Apart from reducing costs, it also allows them to offer efficient services to clients. Companies that do choose to outsource, however, need to be selective about the business processes that they are going to outsource to a vendor. Insurance companies, for instance, can outsource these back-office and administrative processes to an insurance outsourcing provider.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Insurance outsourcing vendors like Proview Global can manage accounting and bookkeeping services, such as insurance reconciliation between the company’s enrollment data and the insurance company records. Instead of keeping multiple full-time, in-house bookkeepers, insurance firms can outsource specific bookkeeping tasks that require only a few days a month to finish.

Data Entry

Data entry work in insurance companies can be time-consuming and tedious as they need to deal with large volumes of data. In addition, they would need to convert that data into a database-ready format to ensure faster verification claims and easier process payments. Delegating all that work to an outsourcing provider that offers excellent data processing services can help insurance firms refocus their efforts into other areas of the business.

Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Gathering potential clients using market research requires intensive study and research. Rather than investing a large amount of time and resources in searching for an untapped potential market, it’s best to leave the burden of non-core but required processes to an outsourcing vendor. Hire a firm that offers outbound calls and research services that can handle all the workload, from attracting prospective clients to taking care of existing leads.

Achieving smoother business operations and better customer satisfaction is possible when companies delegate tasks like accounting, data entry, and lead generation to an outsourcing vendor. Companies looking for a vendor should not focus solely on cheap labor costs. They should, instead, focus on the quality of service offered by the outsourcing provider.

Strictly No Spoilage: Keeping the Goods Safe

Fresh ProduceTransporting fresh produce from one place to another is no easy business. As much as possible, you want perishable goods to stay as fresh as they were taken from the source before selling them. Not only will the quality be the best but it will also save you from expensive losses.

Spoilage can happen fast depending on the type of goods you intend to sell. This is why you need trustworthy refrigerated transportation carriers, such as West Coast Carriers, to take care of your goods.

Knowing the lifespan of produce or any other perishable goods can help you make the right decisions especially in scheduling and transport. Here are some other factors that cause early spoilage.


Exposure to heat or sunlight can speed up the deterioration of goods faster. Sunlight not only brings heat, but it can also contribute to the loss of vitamins food has. This is why in most packed goods, it is indicated that they should be stored at room temperature. For fresh produce and any type of meat, they need to be in a cool place to preserve them longer. Unless you are not cooking them right away, these goods must stay in refrigerated containers.


Leaving goods out in the open makes it prone to bacterial attack. These microorganisms are always present in the air which is why you may find manufactured goods in airtight containers. The key to preserving the life of these goods is to keep them away from these microorganisms as much as possible. Heat encourages the growth of more bacteria on the goods. This is why most goods need to be in freezers to slow down the activity of these invisible organisms.

Knowing these things, schedule the delivery at the best time where these factors cannot contribute to early spoilage. You can save lots more for your business this way while also offering the freshest goods to your buyers.

Why Adopt a Pet Over Buying One

Adopting Dogs

Dogs are remarkable creatures because of their ability to love and obey their owners. Many experts agree that a dog shares a strong sense of companionship to their owner and may even be instrumental in keeping them healthy and stress-free. You may be considering buying your pet; but before you do, weigh your options and seriously think about adopting one instead.

When you adopt pomsky puppies or any kind of puppy for that matter from Rocky Ridge Pomskies, you can do a lot for these animals, which include, but not limited to the following.

Save a Dog

Many animals, including dogs, are in animal shelters, whether they are adults or pups because their owners didn’t want them anymore or they grew up in the streets. They undergo euthanasia when no one adopts them to make room for other homeless animals. When you adopt a pet instead of buying one, you save a life of an animal. When you choose this alternative, you also curtail the income that supports backyard breeders who raise dogs in puppy farms and mills under terrible conditions.

Pre-Trained Pets

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter saves you the time and effort to housetrain them. Most dogs in shelters had previous owners; you don’t have to start from scratch to teach them basic directives and commands such as “sit” and “come”. They may also adapt to your home and environment sooner because they are a bit older.

Many Options

If you’re looking for a particular breed, you may find it in an animal shelter. There are different kinds of dogs looking for a new owner when you make a visit. You might even find one you like at a much lower price compared to buying one from a pet store.

Adopting a dog is a viable option for those who want a furry friend as a companion. This route not only saves you money, but also saves a life of a pet that might end up euthanized.