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How Aluminum is Both a Building Blessing and a Health Hazard

What Aluminum Does Aluminum is indestructible: literally and figuratively. Counting the realms outside of fashion, it is the world’s favorite metal. Light, durable, and adaptable, aluminum has secured its place as the modern world’s go-to creation material. It is the most abundant metal on the planet, so much so that people cannot avoid consuming at least 7 milligrams each day. This amount is harmless, but this does not mean people should start lining their stomachs, or lungs, with foil any time soon.

A Renewable Resource

The world has more aluminum than it knows what to do with. According to the International Institute for Environment and Development, we have 25 billion tons of ore to be exact- some in circulation and most still waiting to be mined. This amount can last until the year 2200, assuming the unlikely scenario where no one recycles this extremely recyclable metal.

But, aluminum must be limited to external use only. Ingesting a large volume either intentionally or accidentally can cause severe health problems, even death. Virtually all food, water, air, and soil contain traces of aluminum. It is in everything, from antacids to citrus products to vaccines. A very small amount also enters our systems through cooking utensils. Air filtration professionals from Dual Draw add that workplace aluminum dust, especially in hazardous waste sites and mines, is the most common way people contract aluminum poisoning.

A Menacing Metal

The Center for Disease Control’s Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (CDC-ATSDR) reports that people exposed to high amounts of aluminum can develop a multitude of health problems. Workers who breathe aluminum dust or fumes may suffered coughing, abnormal x-rays, and performed worse in nervous system diagnostic tests compared to those working in filtered environments.

Scientists also link aluminum exposure to bone and brain diseases, though much of the data is still under contention. Some studies linked the element to Alzheimer’s disease, but a definite conclusion has yet to be formed. Tests on animals show the nervous system as the most liable target. Signs of damage were not apparent, but researchers revealed a clear deterioration of brain function upon testing affected animals.

There is no question about aluminum’s contribution to technological advancement. From the spacecraft to the kitchen, aluminum highlights people’s ability to “make use of what they have.” But, aluminum poisoning is a serious threat people would definitely want to “avoid having.”

What to Do When You Retire: Starting Life All Over Again


RetirementIt’s never too late to hit the restart button of life. Retirement is one of the best opportunities to do this. Your kids are all grown up and living their own lives now, one or two of them with their own families. You’ve long adjusted to their absence at home. It’s your chance now to do whatever you want.

Why do anything?

Many retirees age faster and experience a rapid deterioration in health because they sit around all day and do nothing. Those who stay active and find something to occupy their time, however, have been proven to stay healthy and live longer. Happiness will keep you healthy longer than any pill, so find something positive and happy.

Should you move?

You don’t have to sell your house if you don’t want to. But remember that, although memories are good, they may also be the cause of loneliness. Nostalgia isn’t healthy if it’s all you live for. You can live with fellow retirees so you can divvy up the chores and expenses and watch out for each other. You can also find a place that offers independent living in South Jordan, such as, so you’ve got people around you and trained staff if you ever need help, all without giving up your independence.

Should you change your hobbies?

You don’t have to if those hobbies still keep you active and happy. The important thing is you’ve got a hobby at all. Now that you’ve got the time, why not add a new one just for the challenge and the change? Try something you’ve never done before, like fishing or a new board game. Golf is also one of the best activities for people of your age.

Should you welcome a new relationship?

Why not? Some elderly people discover love another time when they live in facilities they share with other retirees. A new relationship at this point is important because of the health effects of friendship and companionship. After all, love knows no bounds, not even age.

Your retirement is not the twilight of your year, but rather a new phase. It is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Advantages of Living in a Caravan

Caravan Living

Caravan LivingA caravan is a large vehicle designed for mobile living. It usually consists of a small kitchen, a shower, a living room, and a bedroom. Caravans are great for people who are touring, or just like to have a vacation amongst nature.

Caravans are also gradually turning into a permanent home option. According to Resort Brokers Australia, over 85% of Australians have experienced caravanning. Some people find it odd to live in a small moving space, but living in a caravan has plenty of unique advantages. Here are some of them.

It Helps Save Money

One of the major reasons couples and small families prefer to live in a caravan is because of its cost-effectiveness. People who live in caravans save up to 50% on rent. They also pay less on gas, electricity and water because of the ample supply that their home provides. Apart from the bills, caravan home owners do not pay council tax directly. The local taxation requirement reflects site fees, which means that the total tax amount depends on the number of pitches, and not on the number of individuals.

You Are Closer to Nature

You will barely see a caravan in the city because of its crowded public spaces. Caravans are usually located in rural areas, or designated caravan parks. Living in the vehicle makes you in-sync with nature – it lets you smell fresh air in the morning, watch stunning sunsets and appreciate wildlife. Adventurous people are ideal caravan dwellers.

No Nosy (and Noisy) Neighbours

The disadvantage of living in a neighbourhood is the fact that you can’t choose your neighbours. Whether he is living next door or just a few metres from your porch, everybody has encountered a disturbing neighbour. Since you can choose where to park your caravan, you can inspect (and avoid) bothersome neighbours around you. This provides you utmost privacy and peace.

It Helps Deepen Relationships

Most couples who live in caravans do it for their relationship, and not for other aspects like money and location. The analogy is simple: caravans deepen relationships because it makes couples wiser and more practical in life. Apart from this, living in a caravan improves a person’s wellbeing, which makes them less stressful and more pleasant towards their partners.

The number of people living in caravans will increase soon, because of its many advantages to couples and individuals. The step might be too startling for some, but it is definitely worth the try.

Moving Advice: Preparing for Your Relocation

Movers in Denver

Movers in DenverThere’s no easy way to move from one house to another. It’s always a taxing activity, whether you’re moving from a small apartment or a ranch, into a condominium or a four-bedroom modern house.

To make your relocation easier, here are some pieces of advice you may follow.

Pack early

Even if you have yet to finalize on a date, start packing. But apart from packing, you should also get everything else in order. Forward your mail to your new address about three or two weeks before you move. Know the area you’re relocating to; read up on it and take a walking tour of your environs.

Decide on what you’re taking

People who move seldom do so without leaving something behind. There are items in your house that you don’t need any more and will probably just take up space in your new home. While you’re packing, prepare some boxes for the things you won’t be taking with you. Label them as things for giving away to friends (the friends who help you move get first dibs), family and maybe a charity (for toys, clothes and such); things you’ll sell, if you have time and the inclination to post things on eBay or set up a garage sale; and things you’ll throw away.

Decide on which items need professional movers

A piano is a costly, heavy and difficult item to move by yourself, even if you have friends helping. It’s best to call professionals to move that one for you. Moving a gun safe in Denver is also a challenge best faced by pros that have the training and equipment to handle such items, according to the experts from Light Speed Delivery, Inc. Expensive paintings and other artwork, collections like vintage guitars, etc. are items you don’t want to risk damaging or losing. Call a professional moving company that has insurance.

The sooner you’re prepared, the easier your move will be. Make a list of the things you are supposed to and try to stick to it.

What Companies Get Out of Their Employees’ Vacation and How to Prepare for One

Employees VacationMost businesses benefit a lot when employees take vacations. According to research, employees who take time off from their busy schedules end up becoming more creative and productive afterwards. This is good not just for the company but the economy as a whole.

During vacations, employees recharge their batteries or refill their creative well. A rejuvenation of the mind and soul as some would call it. Other individuals even consider it as a way to connect and pamper oneself which does not usually happen when one is at work. Aside from that, vacations help people to clearly analyze life from a different perspective or a different view. Moreover, it helps them to be mindful of things, others, as well as what is going on around them without being judgmental.

Vacation is good for the health

When a person takes a break from work, he also takes a break from the stress that triggers most illnesses. It is because when a person relaxes, he allows his body to repair and recuperate which eventually leads to a healthier individual, physically mentally, and emotionally. Studies show that women who take less vacations are more likely to develop a heart disease or suffer a coronary death compared to women who take vacations frequently. This is also true to men who are at higher risk for coronary heart diseases.

Initial preparations for a vacation

The success of a trip or vacation requires careful and adequate planning. According to, it’s a good idea to make travel arrangements well ahead of time to get the best deals like ski holiday packages or travel promos. You need to secure your travel documents as well as your vaccination certificates. Next is to make reservations for your hotel accommodation and transportation weeks before the scheduled date of departure.

Never forget to prepare your day to day itinerary and make sure to have a list of names, contact details, addresses and GPS locations for the places you intend to visit.

Are You on the Wrong Side of the Law? Consider Your Legal Options

Consider Your Legal OptionsAt times, the need for an attorney is a no-brainer, especially when somebody files a suit or charge and arrest you for a crime. People seek the services of attorneys for expertise and advice all the time, and in all sorts of situations. Whilst you may get through a legal issue without a lawyer (which is not advisable), you should keep in mind that anytime you represent yourself, you’re putting your freedom at risk.

What’s at Stake?

One of the things you should first ask is “What’s at stake?” When your liberties or finances are in danger, Lewis & Matthews, P.C. and other legal professionals say the clear response is to get assistance. A normal parking summon goes against the law, however, you don’t need to seek advice from a lawyer to settle the fine. Nevertheless, if you have gathered a number of outstanding parking fines and a warrant is given for your arrest, you would likely want to get an attorney to help you remedy the situation, and maybe prevent you from serving jail time or save you money.

It won’t hurt you if you consult an attorney, and it might be the best option if you think you have a legal issue such as divorce that you can’t fix yourself.

Litigation Options

In case you can’t afford a lawyer you might want to look for alternatives to fix your legal issues, like the following:

  • Many public utilities and companies offer customer service divisions that successfully address complaints and consumer problems.
  • Many community associations such as civil rights groups, elder associations, and other groups give free legal information and help.

Some legal matters are easier to settle through litigation options, such as arbitration or mediation. Individuals and businesses may agree to use substitute dispute resolution instead of court action to remedy legal conflicts. If you are unsure about your legal rights, it may be worth your time to seek help from an attorney to assess your situation and counsel you on substitute courses of action.

Make Fat Burner Supplements Work for You

SupplementsFrom L-carnitine and green tea, to guarana and bitter orange, herbal supplements for fat or weight loss are consistently being advertised online, on the radio and on TV. Fat burners are weight loss supplements that have been specifically formulated with select ingredients to aid in shrinking fat cells and boosting the body’s metabolism. But, do these truly work?

To make fat burners work for you, Herbal Powers shares the following tips:

Proper Diet Still Reigns Supreme

Among the biggest misconceptions that plenty of people have is that they will lose weight simply by taking fat burners. Proper diet should still be number one in your weight loss battle arsenal. The rest are time, the right exercises, and a boost from fat burners. To shed fat and get that ripped physique, you must eat fewer calories, tons of protein, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. When you’ve got your diet down pat, you can up the ante and experiment with fat burners.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Be true to yourself and set a realistic fat loss goal. Jot down your goals for each week and month. Once you meet them, you’ll be more motivated to do the same. This will also give you a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how small your goals are.

Your Weight Loss Results Must Be Measured Regularly

When you’ve fixed your diet, set your fat loss goals, and chosen your fat burner supplement, allow two to three weeks before you evaluate your progress. It doesn’t matter which method you use to evaluate your progress, what matters is that you have a starting point to compare your progress with and see if you need to tweak your weight loss plan.

More Isn’t Always Good

Weight loss supplements are specially developed to provide the right dosage of different ingredients. You’ll see manufacturer’s guidelines on proper dosage and instructions, so you’ll be able to gauge the ideal amount. Not all supplements are created equal, so do your research. What worked for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you, too.

Discipline and a solid game plan are what you need to get that toned body. As they say, effort brings results. 

Disputes can Help Grow the Company

Company Growth

Company Growth in ChristchurchIt may start in whispers and grow into petty quarrels. Before you know it, an admin staff is in direct confrontation with an employee – seemingly out for each other’s throats. If not reined in, what was started in hushed words could strike at the heart of the company bringing everybody down in the process.

There must be a better way to resolve employee disputes than getting into a shouting match. Disputes can be so nerve-wracking, leaving it to professional services for resolution could be best.

Sinking the Ship

Employee disputes come in many forms. Some maybe trivial but others could be substantial.

A dispute that carries weight but is not patched up soon could give the company a major headache. It can be compared to a small hole which if unattended has the potential to sink the company. Know that once a dispute gains enough merit that it reaches the courts, all the legal wrangling could drain the company of substantial assets – in the form of legal fees or worse, a jury award.

On the management side, a single dispute can wreak havoc to its morale and rattle an otherwise efficient and effective leadership.

Too often, companies who resort to litigation find out that all the appearances in court and all the legal obligations can run the enterprise dry – not to mention give it a bad name.

Plugging the Hole

It’s imperative then that a suitable methodology be used to settle disputes before they get out of hand. As much as possible, being able to settle differences within the premises of the company is ideal.

To such an endeavor, employment dispute services should come in handy. Knowledgeable of the nuances of employment law, these professionals are most experienced in hearing both parties impartially – facilitating a peaceful resolution in the process.

To increase the chances, such mediation is done with all confidentiality making sure no untoward publicity which could embarrass parties involved transpires.

It may be a slow process but it’s crucial. Proper dispute resolution can better the business. Now, everybody can learn from it and attend to work with an undivided attention.

Taking Up The Plough: Starting Your Vegetable Garden – The 3 Parts

Simple Garden

Simple GardenHorticulture, or gardening, has evolved from a livelihood to becoming a great pastime for people. It has also become a way for people to supplement their own food supply. With home properties having enough land out back, just about anyone can start their own garden laden with various fauna from simple flowering plants to a medley of vegetables.

Starting, and ultimately tending to a garden not only supplements your food supply, but also has great physical and mental benefits ranging from good exercise to stress relief. If you are interested in starting a vegetable garden, here are the top three components you should know of.

The Earth

It is from the earth which plants sprout from. Plants get their nutrients mostly from the soil, supplemented only by a good drizzle of water and activated by sunlight. This said, the first thing you should consider to start your garden is to have good quality soil. To start, check that patch of earth you have in mind for the garden. Have it tested for acidity or alkaline levels. Depending on the findings, add the necessary materials to balance the pH level. Once the pH level is set, you can then add compost to enrich the soil. Work your way slowly, and take your time. If you want, you can enlist the help of landscapers to ensure that you only have the best quality soil.

The Crops

Now that the soil is ready for planting, you can then plough it and spread the seeds of your intended crops. Do be aware of seasonal crops, so that you know what are best to plant during the season. Since it will be Summer in Australia pretty soon, lettuce, peas, radishes and tomatoes among others would do well. Research on the best ways to plant the vegetables, the best soil conditions they need, and how to cultivate them for reproduction. With this, you can have vegetables ready all year round.

The Fences

Congratulations, you now have crop seeds planted into the nutrient-rich soil you prepared, and are now well on their way to growth. The vegetable patch is now all but ready. The next thing it needs, are fences. Wherever you put your garden, it needs to be secured from pests, vermin and even the odd stray dog looking to dump its last dinner on.

This said, you will need to rig your garden with a perimeter of fencing to keep all these unwanted elements out. The fencing can be simple wood, or even steel, with small farm gates from added to act as entry points. The fencing not only protects the patch, but also gives it a frame, give you privacy, even so far as to raise the value of the property (not bad, wouldn’t you say?).

If you want to start your garden, you must be willing to do the work. But with your effort, comes the great reward.

Meeting Meatless Expectations with Your First Vegan Menu

VeganWhen it comes to concocting delectable meals, creating the menu is a challenge — especially if you have chosen to bid meat adieu.

Many people these days are adapting to the trend of eating healthy. One way they do so is by switching from a regular diet to one focused only on plant-based dishes, a.k.a. going vegetarian, or vegan if it has become a general lifestyle. With so many vegan recipes available online, it seems easy to build a menu of plant-based foods.

But how do you do it perfectly?

Season as the Reason

The current season can be your main driver in planning your meals. It must be one of the reasons why you are preparing a certain dish. First, the weather plays a huge role; after all, who would want to eat summery salads on a rainy day? Instead, your guests would want a cozy soup or shepherd’s pie. Choosing weather-appropriate food goes without saying and keeps you from receiving weird looks from your vegan friends.

The season also informs you of the availability of fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that produce tastes better and are also cheaper when they are in season.

Strike a Balance

Custom Culinary, provider of authentic flavor solutions, recommends prioritizing the balance of your menu. Your dishes need to work together despite the lack of meat. The same goes for the feel and flavor of all your meals.

For example, starting with spicy dishes will overpower courses that have delicate flavors. If your main course is heavy, set it off nicely with a light fruit-based dessert, such as a sorbet.

Be Realistic with Your Budget and Time

Planning the menu involves a thorough look at potential time constraints and the money in your wallet. In a perfect cooking world, you can afford all the time and exotic ingredients. Unfortunately, this is reality and sometimes, you have to fit everything within a budget and a time limit.

If you are short on time, choose recipes that you can cook in advance. For low-cost menus, no need to worry because seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, are available at cheaper prices. Just check the internet for inexpensive vegan meals.

A menu without meat is not the end of tasty thrills. Building your vegan menu will open endless – and equally delicious – possibilities. The most important thing is to use your imagination and have fun with vegan cooking.