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Touch the Hearts of People with Customized Gift Baskets

Gourmet gifts

Gourmet giftsA gift basket is a nice way to express your love to a family member or friend, whether or not there is an occasion or any reason to celebrate. These gifts are often available ready-made, giving them a cookie-cutter image and a less than personal appeal.

The good news is you can customize your gift baskets to make them more special and especially prepared for your loved ones. Many companies offering gourmet gift baskets allow customers to choose what goes in their personalized gifts.

Gourmet gifts supplier Marcelita’s Cookies shares a few ideas on customizing your basket of presents:

For the Sweet Tooth

If you’re sending a gift to a person who loves sweet treats, there is no better item to put in your basket or hamper than candies. Shop for their favorite candy brands and add some new treats that will surely please their sweet tooth. Look for unique items other than the typical chocolate candies, gummy bears, confections, and holiday treats.

For the Cookie Monster

To treat a friend or family who loves cookies, find various types of gourmet cookies. These baked treats come in different flavors, sizes, and shapes. Put as much variety as you can in your basket to give your recipient a great cookie experience on their special day. You may also add other baked treats, such as muffins, brownies, and biscuits.

For the Beer Lover

If the recipient loves to drink and party, go for a craft beer basket. Include some favorite beer brands, such as Heineken, Newcastle, Red Stripe, and Guinness. Add some snacks to go with your beer gift hamper.

Customizing your gift basket is all about the interest and favorite items of the receiver. Variety makes it even more special, so give them a selection of treats that they will love.

Knowing the Cost of Living in Papua New Guinea: A Brief Guide

Rental Property

Rental Property

Apart from travel, many people go to Papua New Guinea for business and work. One, however, should earn a good salary to meet the costs of renting or owning a property. Due to the rapid urbanisation in the country, rents and house prices continue to increase. This has prompted concerns on whether home ownership is still attainable for the average citizen or not.

Though the government is striving to build new affordable housing units, some people will have to deal with rising prices. This is the reason understanding the cost of living in the country is important to come up with an effective solution.

The Rental Price  

There are many budget-friendly houses and apartments in Papua New Guinea. Due to the economy boom, though, there is a slight increase in the cost of rental property.

As Niugini Land and Properties puts it: ‘The rental property market mirrors the property sales market trend. For instance, the areas within the vicinity of the central business districts are considered high covenant, hence high rental rates. In the urban periphery, rental rates for properties (unit, apartment and house) reflect an average rate of K1,400 per week’.

A number of reports reveal that the asking rent for executive residences in Port Moresby can range between K5,000 to K10,000 every week. The cost of rent in low to medium covenant areas, on the other hand, can range between K950 to K2,800.

The Importance of Location

There are certain factors that you should take into account before searching for a home to rent. The cost of a residential property can vary from city to city, which is why it is important to do a thorough research on the location.

Papua New Guinea has a range of attractive options, but you should know which neighbourhood will best suit your budget and lifestyle. Your home’s location can help you determine if you can stay there for a long time. In addition, the environment you will choose will affect the amount of quiet and peace you can enjoy.

Fostering a Good Working Environment


BusinessBeyond the physical arrangements to make an office warmer and more positive, fostering a good working environment begins at the very core. It begins at the first day of work, continuing forward to the rest of the employment years.

Here are ways to create that ideal environment for your employees.

First Impressions Last: Starting with a good orientation

It all starts with a good orientation. An employee will either be very excited about starting his employment in your company or he will dread it from the very first day. A good orientation wherein they would be introduced to the company culture is the gateway to a comfortable and exciting employment.

A foolproof way to create a good orientation is to enlist the services of funny motivational speakers. Not only will they inspire your new employees, they will also make sure that the air feels light and comfortable.

Following through: Offering trainings from time to time

Training sessions are very important because they give the impression that you value your employees. You provide an environment that encourages skill building and talent honing that employees value above all. Not only will you help your employees through this, you will also help your company by raising the skills and the value of their work.

In these training sessions, Montgomery Presents suggests hiring funny motivational speakers as well to keep it light and to keep the training from feeling too much like work.

Keeping the Ball Rolling: Opening channels for communication

Last but not the least, communicate well with your employees. Beyond office improvements, better benefits and other similar matters, it is important that you can talk with them in a fluid and open manner. This will help make them feel that you value their contribution to the company and will help them work harder.

Reap the benefits of a good working environment. As Richard Branson, one of the most progressive entrepreneurs of our time, once said, “treat your employees well and they will treat your clients best.”

Effective Pharmacy Benefit Auditing for Cost Control


PharmacistElectronic claim audits of pharmacy benefit management data are the foundation of an effective and proper PBM plan. As the sponsor, you must regard these audits as opportunities you can use for measuring your PBM’s performance and to update policies and contract jargon that can bring to light potential profit drivers.

A perfect example of this would be the specific language utilized for defining generic drugs in PBM agreements.

Why a Thorough PBM Audit Matters

The ever-changing pharmacy benefit management industry requires regular evaluations or financial terms and data for facilitating contract updates and negotiations. Part of an efficient and thorough PBM audit system is the meticulous review and assessment of a contract’s financial terms. Another is its subsequent comparison with existing standards and baselines to ascertain that everyone is getting the optimum cost benefits from items like generic drugs.

Because of the complex ways that generic versions of drugs with prominent brand names become available in the market, ambiguous contract terms in PBM agreements regarding generic vs. brand medicines have a huge impact on the PBM costs and the plan holders.

Crystal Clear RX suggests paying close attention to the most ideal pricing for the included generic drugs in your benefits plan to make sure that the plan and the plan holders get the complete financial benefits of these generic medications. A great solution is to negotiate separate price guarantees for every drug on the list for patent expiration during the agreement period.

Essential Audit Processes

A highly qualified and knowledgeable PBM auditor should perform the following PBM audit system processes:

  • Conduct thorough, electronic audit processes utilizing a widely recognized source for drug prices and identify proper prices.
  • Audit and re-price all electronic claims.
  • Determine the generic vs. brand status of every claim based on date-sensitive and logical algorithms.
  • Review, evaluate, and recommend helpful changes to every contract pricing agreement, as well as drug classification definitions and classification for measuring appropriate discounts.

A PBM audit system allows you to pinpoint the weak spots in your benefits plan and make adjustments accordingly, but in turn, you have to perform specific tasks to make it work for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Car

Buy Car

Buy CarWhen you are considering buying a used car, you need to be careful and take precautionary measures before making a decision. Each car has its own unique history, so inspect the vehicle carefully. Keep in mind to verify the record of the car you are buying.

Industry professional Malco Motors notes that it is advisable to get a copy of the vehicle’s history report. It is also important to have knowledge on the basic part of a car, so you can feel assured that you are getting the right one for your needs and lifestyle. This article lists down some important factors you should take into account when purchasing a used car:

  • Past Damages

The first step you should take is to inspect the exterior for overspray or discolorations of paint colors. Check thoroughly if there are dents and any signs of flood damage. This is the reason you have to research the model. Know the weak points and repair history. You can also ask the previous owner if there was a change of plate number and why.

  • Mileage

Create a detailed list of the used cars you want to buy. For most car owners, the fewer miles, the better. This is probably because a higher mileage can mean you have to replace the necessary parts.  You can check the steering wheel and the pedals to determine if the amount of use matches the mileage. Bear in mind, however, that even if a car has low mileage it can still be a great option if properly maintained.

  • Test Drive

After you are done with all the inspection, it is now time for a test drive. When driving, ensure that the pedals and gearshifts are working properly. You can also do a simulated panic stops to find out if the brakes are working. Keep in mind that this is the most critical part of used car buying, as this is the time when you will know if the car is ideal for you.

If you are not good with the mechanical side of vehicles, never hesitate to ask a professional mechanic to go with you during the test-driving. Doing so allows you to make an informed decision.

Knowledge and Understanding: The Weapons Against Smoking


SmokingWhy are there still smokers? This is a valid question considering the facts regarding the effects smoking has on health. No one is disputing the damage cigarettes do to the human body, but why are they still a big part of modern culture. There are two ways to answer this question – social science, or chemistry.

Programs like Quit Stop Now address these causes in their rehabilitation strategies. But, such efforts can only expect progress when the people they’re trying to help understand the reason they fell into the nicotine trap in the first place. Determining how the addiction first came about in every case, will allow addiction specialists to make the necessary adjustments to better help people rehabilitating themselves.

Peer pressure is seen as the first and most common trigger in developing a smoking habit, and many people often underestimate the effect that first encounter can have on a person. It’s very rare for a person to follow through on the promise of a one and done. This is because the very chemistry of their brains is actively working against their best interests.

People breathe in nicotine, giving it an express ride to the bloodstream as it tags along with oxygen in entering the body. This in turn gives the chemical an all access pass to the brain, which reacts by releasing adrenaline. The sudden flood of hormones causes a buzz of positive energy throughout the body, which fades relatively quickly.

The sudden rise and fall of this buzz leaves the person tired and wanting more of that positive feeling. This is how addictions typically begin, but for smokers the effect is slower and often takes longer to rehabilitate because of the fact that cigarettes are always readily available.

In many ways, this means that smokers need to exercise more self-control before they can get over their addiction, but recovery is certainly possible. All it takes is the knowledge of how they fell off the wagon, and the will to get back on the health track.

Reevaluate and Revisit: Reasons to Change Your Will


WillAs life circumstances change, it is extremely important to keep your will updated. If you fail to reevaluate your last will and testament, it may not reflect your wishes and desires given your new situation. It is possible to change the terms of your will anytime you want by reviewing and considering new circumstances.

After you’ve created your estate plan and will, you’ll most likely need to revisit them at major points in your life. Warring Dosdall, P.A shares the situations in which you’ll need to reevaluate your will.


While your spouse doesn’t have to be your principal heir, most states give one-third or one-half of an estate to a spouse. If you don’t have kids, your parents and siblings would get the remaining assets. You need a will if you want to leave all the property and assets to your wife.


If you and your spouse die, think of how your kids will be cared for.  You need a will to name a guardian and a trustee to handle assets you plan to leave your kids. It is best to execute a durable power of attorney and name someone you trust to act for financial matters when you cannot.


Some states automatically revoke the provisions of a will that apply to an ex-spouse. Others, however, revoke the entire will when you get divorced. You need to revise any living trust to control the assets you want your kids to inherit. It is also advisable to change the beneficiaries on your pensions and life insurance.


When you remarry, you need to consider your new spouse and the children you have together. If both of you, however, agree to keep assets separate and nullify inheritance rights to each other’s assets, consider a prenuptial agreement. Consult an estate-planning lawyer to provide for your new spouse and kids and ask about qualified terminable interest property trust (QTIP).

Apart from these situations, you should also consider changing your will when you approach middle age and when you move to another state. Update it to reflect family deaths, births, and separations. It is also important to review your trustee, guardian, and representative appointments. Talk to your lawyers to discuss the changes you want to make.