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When a Long, Solo Travel May Just Be What You Need


travelerThe Americans’ virtue of patience is becoming increasingly rare. Narayan Janakiraman, an assistant marketing professor at the University of Texas, Arlington found this result in her 2011-study entitled “The Psychology of Decisions to Abandon Waits for Service.” Technology drives instant gratification, making people more impatient.

The rise of instant things, from noodles to sex, only made people crave to do or have something within the blink of an eye. But, not everything can happen in just a snap; take traveling, for instance. Some flights take hours before passengers reach their destination.

Consider a long flight from South Bend to New York. With someone like you who is always on the go, you may wish to reach NYC immediately. During times like this, being alone becomes a blessing in disguise.

The Hidden Gifts of Long Travel
  • Call to Solitude

Psychologists say that everyone needs some time alone. They say that being alone can actually help you do some self-reflection about your life; thus, giving you the chance to regulate it. It is an opportune moment to fuel one’s life with rest and newly restored energy. Sometimes, it’s when you are just by yourself that you are most creative and productive.

  • Time to Sleep

Studies and documentaries show significant evidence that shows sleep deprivation has become so rampant in America. You may not have given it much thought lately, but not having enough sleep impairs cognitive ability, and may result in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety disorder or cancer. A long flight is a good opportunity to recoup lost sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping on an airplane, consider sleeping aids like melatonin or Ambien. It is advisable to ask your doctor prior to your flight.

The next time you book a flight, reserve a seat where you will most likely be comfortable. Consider the long travel a time to enjoy yourself in solitude or a time to have a good sleep.

The Complete Guide to Buying Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers

Mattress ToppersAfter a long and tiring day, everyone wants to come home to a nice, warm bed. Most people already find comfort in a bed with a mattress that’s covered with sheets. Others, on the other hand, still look for added cushioning and comfort – things that mattress toppers can provide.

Looking for the best mattress topper may be hard, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Mattress toppers come in different styles and sizes, and for you to decide which one to choose, be aware of these important considerations:

1. Know which size you need.

Latex foam mattress topper options come in sizes that are identical to mattresses. To find one that suits your bed, know the measurements of your mattress at home.

2. Consider the type of material.

Mattress toppers are made of different types of materials, including wool, cotton, and spandex. Take note that the thickness and the durability of the toppers vary from one type of material to another.

The thinnest options are usually made of cotton, while the most durable ones are made of latex. Cotton materials, however, are breathable, which means added comfort if you don’t mind the thinness.

3. Think about your usual sleeping position.

Mattress toppers, aside from providing comfort, can also provide additional support. When choosing, consider your usual sleeping position. This determines the level of support you need.

You need something that provides additional firm support if you sleep on your side. Choose one that provides medium support if you sleep on your back. Finally, if you like sleeping on your stomach, choose a mattress topper that provides soft support.

4. Look for additional features.

There are products that come with additional features. For example, some are hypoallergenic and others help eliminate odors. These give you more value for the price you’re paying.

It is important to get a good night’s sleep. Get that every night by buying the right mattress and topper—and replacing them when you need to.

The Path to Friendlier Dentist Offices

Dentist Office

Dentist OfficeEven dentists will admit that the offices they work in are not the most inviting places in the world. The entire dental process is actually quite anxiety inducing when you think about it. Lying motionless while a stranger pokes the insides of the mouth with instruments is enough to make the calmest of people nervous. But imagine going through all of that without the slightest idea of what is happening.

This is the kind of apprehension children with autism face whenever they need to go to their dentist appointment. Dental offices have often encountered their most difficult challenges whenever working with autistic children. Nobody is placing the blame on the children of course, but something needs to happen in order to make such appointments go smoother for the good of the child.

Fortunately, dentists such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists have and can make their offices not just friendlier towards children with autism, but to children in general. The problem, according to psychologists, is that the dentist office offers sensory stimuli, such as the bright lights, the loud noise from the equipment, and even prodding of the gums. All these sensations – felt and anticipated – will contribute to the overall anxiety level of the child.

Toning down these sources of stimuli will help produce a calmer atmosphere for the child, and not excite their senses. Dental offices can do this by turning off the overhead office lights for visual stimuli, and using ‘friendlier’ looking restraints for the child can decrease the tactile anxiety. For the latter, some offices use blankets to simulate a hug rather than being tied down, which allowed the child to feel more secure instead of restricted.

Children are among the most difficult patients a dentist can have, but they are also the ones that need to see the dentist the most. Dental offices that have the training and experience to deal with young patients can make life easier for the child and the parents.

3 Ways the Interview Process Deprives Your Business of Top Talent

panel interview

panel interviewBelieve it or not, the easy part of the recruitment process is attracting top talent. It’s pretty simple, really – you define what you need, strategise, and target the right people your company is looking for. This is how you attract top talent, although quite a lot of people know about it already.

The recruitment challenge begins once you conduct interviews – that’s because this process is rather difficult to perfect. As a matter of fact, certain aspects of the interview procedure could be the reason talented, intelligent people don’t push through with their application for the vacant post. Most commonly, these aspects are the following:

Panel Interviews

Applicants would definitely have a lot of reservations answering questions when there are five people listening to the responses. This is the same piece of concern HR consulting firms Brisbane CEOs turn to say to be the cause of a lack of great talent in any company. Ergo, this is a concern you have to address.

Rather than panel interviews, why not have the applicant go to an interview with only two interviewers? If that’s not possible, consider multiple (but short) interviews with the right people instead of grouping them all together in one go.

Mixed Messages

Sometimes, the HR manager and the would-be supervisor of the applicant share statements that do not quite jive. When this happens, applicants receive mixed messages, thus confusing them about what is truly the deal regarding the job. Early on, it is important for the interviewers to be on the same page with what’s going to happen.

Brand Inconsistency

The brand you promote and the brand clients and employees talk about should have the same reputation. The two keys here are consistency and authenticity when it comes to branding. If this is not visible in the interview process, potential employees might get turned off. During the interview, the image and the values of the company should be visible.

Some might dismiss these things as minor, but they do have a major impact on how the recruitment process works. To attain a more proficient workforce, it is important for HR managers to iron these out.

Is It Possible to Improve Your PPO Reimbursements?

health insurance

health insuranceAs you look at different types of health insurance, you will notice that some are HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) while others are PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations). Recently, PPO plans have gained significant popularity due to the flexibility it provides to consumers. With this type of managed care plan, dentists must follow certain prices and fees for every dental procedure according to the contract they have signed.

PPO insurance has its own fair share of benefits and drawbacks. This is the reason it’s one of the major worries for dental practices. While overall expenses continue to increase, insurance reimbursements have stayed stagnant.

To maximize your profit and boost your ROI, learn how to make your reimbursement rates better. If this is your first time negotiating, let this article help you get started.

Know When to Drop Insurance Providers

The first step you should take is to review all your insurance providers. After that, carefully evaluate their reimbursement rates. When your staff is spending most of their time negotiating with a certain provider, but always fail to get what you want, then it’s time to let go of that company. Don’t waste your time and effort on providers that won’t let your practice thrive. Find a good way to attract more patients that will likely pay dental insurance plans.

Let the Professionals Help You

Trying to negotiate with insurance carriers is more than just picking up the phone, calling them, setting up an appointment, and asking them to increase your reimbursement fees. To achieve the amount you desire, you need to have convincing reasons that you deserve a higher rate. If you find this challenging, get some help. A consultant with the necessary tools and expertise can assist you in getting the dental reimbursement rate you deserve.

Have a Detailed Analysis of Your Practice

Before you visit your insurance providers, arm yourself with the right data and documentation. Have a thorough analysis of your clinic’s procedures. Doing this allows you to focus on which services to discuss with the company. Identify your leverage and use all the resources you have.

It’s possible to increase your reimbursement fees in a legal and ethical way. But,\ no one said it would be that easy. That will take patience, courage, knowledge, and a smart strategy.

The Benefits of Glass Coating Technology in Your Next Home Improvement Project

solar panel

solar panelGlass coating for architectural projects and technological applications is available from manufacturers and suppliers based in the United States. You can print out a list of companies that are available in your locality or region, and explore a wide range of anti-reflective coatings. Some are relatively low cost options, while others are more expensive.

A Primer on Solar Glass Coatings

The type of glass used to cover solar panels let in about 94% of sunlight. About 4% of the light is reflected back to the environment, while the 2% is absorbed. Anti-reflective glass manufacturers offer a couple of ways to lower the reflective index of surface glass. One method is to apply anti-reflection coating, which is intended for planar or smooth surface. Another method is to texturize the surface. The degree of effectiveness of the substance is determined by the optical properties and thickness of the coating.

One of the most popular applications of anti-reflective glass is to reduce the reflection of the sun’s rays on the surfaces of photovoltaic cells by as much as 2.7%. Conventional glass increases the reflection of rays when sunlight hit the surface of the panels. As a result, the photovoltaic panels produce higher energy outputs. Anti-reflection coating is becoming more popular, and it is predicted that in two years’ time, as much as 90% of solar panels in operation will be using coated glass technology.

Current Options to Satisfy Your Needs

Increasing the hydrophobic properties of glass coatings improves the ability of the material to repel water. As a result, the surface does not require frequent cleaning because liquids and particulates run off the surface easily. You can go for this type of product if you want a low maintenance installation.

You can make inquiries about the availability of popular products such as Beamsplitter and OptiClear, if you want to use them in an upcoming roofing renovation, or perhaps in a residential solar installation. Some manufacturers also offer blasting, laminating, sizing, and strengthening, if you have a need for such services.

Event Marketing via Social Media: How It Should Be Done

Social Media

Social MediaAs an event marketer, your ultimate goal is to boost attendance. The only way you can achieve that is by maximizing visibility across multiple channels and getting as much exposure as you can. It just so happens that social media is the only channel that matters right now.

“Quick messages sent via Twitter and Facebook are short-and-sweet ways to promote your services while keeping your name out there for them to remember when they need a planner,” shares

Following that, here are some tips on how you can utilize social media for your event marketing.

Engage your audience in a two-way conversation

Social media is a platform made for humanized interactions between seller and buyer, so take advantage of this feature. Having a Twitter profile, for example, and a decent amount of followers practically makes you a community.

Engage in that community. Let your followers know that you care about what they think and say – retweet those which you think your other followers will like and compliment those which you think are interesting.

By patiently answering their questions about venue, house rules and other information, you can gain your followers’ confidence and perhaps their sure attendance.

Make your event sound interesting while remaining honest

Another thing that makes social media a crucial marketing platform is that you can be as creative as you want in presenting your brand – in this case, your event. Post important event content in your social pages by using eye-catching audiovisual techniques. Don’t forget to include exciting happenings that your audience can look forward to.

Welcome all kinds of feedback

Since social media is a highly unrestricted channel, your audience will feel at liberty to leave comments and criticisms about your event. Don’t react too violently to negative ones. It’s actually interesting to see how that one comment will spur a thread of comments, and ultimately giving you an idea how to improve your event.

Social media has changed the way people live and gather information. With this tool in hand, businessmen and advertisers are making the most of what social media can do for their brand. What it can do for your event is no different. Use it the right way.

What You Should Look for in a Property Agent

Property Agent

Property AgentThose looking to rent homes ultimately encounter challenges in choosing the right property for their needs. With all the different homes listed and requirements to deal with, first time renters may find renting especially tough.

An experienced and competent property agent can guide you in making the right decision for the home of your dreams, notes The following are some of the traits you should look for in an agent before finalizing any transaction:

1. Commits to promises made

You know you can trust someone who has always been true to their word. Rely on property agents from property management companies that stand by their promises. Professionalism means nothing without credibility.

2. Cares for clients on a personal level

An agent that cares for clients on a personal level gives the impression that they will do their best in finding you the perfect home. Do business with a professional contact that makes you feel comfortable and who you know is not just out to make a quick deal.

3. Handles multitasking well

Multitasking skills are important to successfully assist clients with their needs. The most successful property agents can handle answering your calls while looking for properties that may interest you. Agents that excel in prioritizing tasks are good multitaskers.

4. Knows how to work hard

Hard working agents deliver services promptly and accurately. Those who put in effort and take time in doing their jobs well deliver outstanding results. One of the signs that the agent may not be right for you is if they don’t focus on their work.

5. Shows motivation

Property agents who motivate themselves to be the best do their jobs more positively. Ask yourself, would you want to do business with a person who seems uninspired or with a person who makes you see the best in the properties you are considering?

6. Keeps cool under pressure

Effective management of stress is essential for succeeding in every profession. Your agent needs to be a well-rounded individual to give you the best service. Your agent needs to be flexible when considering your needs and should not hesitate to do some needed adjustments to accommodate requests.

Remember these things when choosing the agent you will work with. Nothing beats property agents who prioritize their clients above everything else.

End the Battle with Drugs: Choose the Right Rehab Program

drug counselling

drug counsellingBattling drug addiction is no easy road; it involves commitment from yourself and strong support from your loved ones and peers. Fortunately, there are different drug rehab programs that could help you take a safe journey back to a clean lifestyle.

You’ll notice how Utah drug rehab programs differ. As a guide, here are some things to know about these programs:

1. Only professionals and health care specialists should monitor the treatment at the rehabilitation facility.

2. The treatment center must have effective methods, which include long-term and short-term residential treatments, outpatient programs, and group or individual counseling. Rehab centers must offer these methods, as patients have different needs and substance abuse cases.

3. The facility should provide aftercare services to prevent addiction relapse. Treatment should not end with a declaration that a patient is already “cured”. There must be follow-up sessions or counseling.

4. The rehab program should encompass all stages of treatment. For instance, impatient addiction treatment should include detox processing to remove the substance from the body.

5. An ideal rehab program promotes treatment in all aspects – emotional, social, mental, and physical. Therapies should aim to help patients achieve a sense of normalcy and regain a healthier mindset.

6. During the recovery, patients must be allowed to speak with family members or health care professionals. Support is a key factor to a swift recovery.

7. The facility should use medications approved by the state’s department of health. Furthermore, only licensed medical specialists should administer the approved medications.

8. The rehabilitation center should take the necessary actions to communicate with the patient’s family during and after the treatment. Both parties should work hand in hand to ensure the patient’s fast recovery.

9. The staff of a rehab center should treat patients with love, care, and respect. These qualities are powerful sources that could help speed up the recovery from substance addiction.

Drug addiction is a trying period in anyone’s life. With the right recovery program, you can shake off the habit and start with a clean slate. Never lose hope.

When Your Car Breaks Down: Things You Need to Remember

car break down

car break downTroubles and inconveniences become inevitable with older vehicles and those that need constant repair. Every year, millions of motorists across the country encounter operating difficulties when on the road. Vehicle breakdowns are one of the most common complaints and usually occur when drivers least expect them.

The way you deal with the problem can have a direct effect on your personal safety. In case your vehicle breaks down, it is important to be calm and prioritise personal safety, as well as that of your passengers’. Tow truck experts from weigh in on the things you need to remember in case your car breaks down:

Know Your Location

Be aware of your general location and surroundings. Look for signs and landmarks such as shopping centres, parks, restaurants, and service stations. You may also want to look for well-lit areas, particularly at night. You will need such information when you call for help or assistance.

Stay With Your Vehicle

Road safety experts say it is safe to remain in your vehicle until a police officer or a road service provider arrives. If you need to exit the vehicle, however, get out via the side of the vehicle facing away from the road. If there is no other alternative, you can get help from a passer-by or a friendly motorist.

Alert Other Drivers

Make sure your car is visible to other drivers. This is because they may be travelling at a high speed and must be able to notice your vehicle from a great distance to stop. Turn headlights on, especially at night or during bad weather conditions. Raising your car’s hood and tying a bright coloured handkerchief to it is also a good idea.

Determine Wait Time

When you contact a tow truck service provider, ask for their estimated time of arrival. It could take a few minutes or a couple of hours depending on your location and the circumstances. If you think you are in unsafe situation, be sure the service provider knows your concern.

Preparation is key to a smooth driving experience. Make sure your journey is stress-free and enhance your personal safety by taking planning before every trip. Having emergency information and numbers ready will also save you from many headaches.