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How Your Dentists Prevent the Spread of Infection

Orthodontist checking the teeth of the kid

DentistYour dental health is your dentist’s duty. Note, however, that ‘dental health’ is not limited to performing safe dental procedures. Dentists and dental staff should also be aware that infection may spread within the dental office, and so keeping everything clean before and after every dental visit is a must.

The Possibility of Cross-Infection

In a CNN report in 2013, a dentist at a clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma was under fierce criticism over unsanitary dental practices, which could have exposed 7,000 people to HIV and Hepatitis A. While cases of cross-infection in dental offices are relatively rarer than those in any other health care areas, poor and unsanitary dental practices may put patients at great risk of many serious, sometimes even fatal health conditions.

Controlling Infection Before Every Dental Visit

You may not see it, but your dentists are taking precautions to prevent the spread of diseases. For instance, all disposable items, such as gloves, cups, tips, and bibs, are properly disposed, says Discount Disposables.

Non-disposable items, such as dental tools, are sterilized with effective infection control products to destroy all viable microorganisms that could be present. Surfaces, beds, and dental trays are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to kill possibly harmful pathogens.

Why Hand Washing Is Necessary

You might have noticed that your dentist washes their hands with antimicrobial soap and water before wearing gloves. This ensures that no bacteria or other pathogens will be introduced to the patient during a dental procedure if gloves become torn or punctured. The hands are the most effective pathogen-carriers, and so frequent hand washing can eliminate the risk of contracting a disease.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Face shields, eyewear, and facemasks, sometimes referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE), are used to protect dental and medical professionals from the risk of healthcare-associated infections during clinical procedures. With PPEs, dentists are able to protect themselves from infections while preventing its spread to other people.

When visiting your dental health professional, it is best to know if they are taking the issue of infection control seriously. You can do this by checking if they are following the standards of infection control, and by asking questions about sanitation. After all, a good dentist will never hesitate to answer how well they take care of your health.

On Swollen Gums and Bellies: Pregnancy Gingivitis


dentistSwollen gums are a common problem experienced by expectant mothers. More commonly known as pregnancy gingivitis, this health condition is due to hormonal changes. Blood flow to the gum tissues increases as a woman’s body changes, causing the gums to become more sensitive and irritable.

With all the possible complications, it’s important that you observe good dental care habits during pregnancy.

The Rage of the Hormones

Pregnancy gingivitis usually happens during the second trimester. You may notice your gums are a bit redder than usual. It is also likely that you gums bleed whenever you brush teeth. Left untreated gingivitis may lead to bigger problems, like periodontitis.

Other than swelling of the gums, dentists from Botanics Dental Care say hormonal changes may also trigger benign growths in the gums. Dentists call this pregnancy tumour. Although not cancerous, these nodules may affect chewing, brushing, or even speaking. These normally disappear after you give birth, but there are rare cases where you may need surgery for removal.

Link Between Gum Infections and Premature Labour

Expectant mothers who develop gum disease are more likely to deliver prematurely. They are also at risk of having underweight babies. Excessive bacteria in the mouth enter the bloodstream and travel to the uterus. When this happens, bacteria stimulates fatty acids called “prostaglandins.” These chemicals are responsible for uterine contractions. As a result, bacteria induce premature labour.

Importance of Good Dental Health

Good oral care is important during pregnancy. Brush teeth at least twice a day. Do it especially after vomiting from morning sickness. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water when you brush teeth.

Of course, brushing alone is not enough. A visit to the dentist is important. Dentists can remove bacteria that brushing cannot. Consult a dentist especially when you suffer from constant toothaches, persistent bad breath, or missing teeth. When gums bleed frequently and you notice growths in the mouth, it is best to see your dentist.

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common problem of pregnant women. Observe good dental hygiene to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Say Goodbye to Flu — Use Copper!

copperAre you a Germaphobe?

Whether you’re obsessed with sanitation or you just want extra protection against all the bacteria and nasty superbugs that have been going around, here’s some great news for you: copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze have been found to prevent bacteria’s antibiotic resistance from spreading.

Nowadays, stainless steel and plastic are normally used in public places and these permit bacteria to thrive and spread when people come in contact with them. Even when bacteria die, the DNA providing them with antibiotic resistance can thrive and be spread to other types of bacteria on steel and plastic surfaces.

So, you should consider using more copper and copper alloys in your home, most especially on frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, balustrades, handles, handrails, and countertops among others. According to, those offering brass fabrication services can help in outfitting your home to make sure your fixtures will be perfectly fitted to your requirements and lifestyle.

Copper and Its Antimicrobial Properties

Man has actually been utilising copper’s antimicrobial properties since the beginning of time. Copper is antimicrobial because it is capable of inactivating or killing microbes like viruses, fungi, and molds. Further, plenty of researches conclude that it can fight off a wide variety of fungi, bacteria, and viruses such as E.coli, Influenza, MRSA or The Superbug, Staph, Candida Albicans, and salmonella among many others.
More specifically, uncoated copper and copper alloys including bronze and brass have been found to:

• Kill over 99.9% of bacteria within two hours after contamination

• Provide continuous antimicrobial properties and stay effective in wiping out over 99.9% of bacteria regardless of repeated exposure and contamination

• Aid in inhibiting bacteria’s growth and colonisation after two hours of contamination between regular cleanings

• Stay effective in inactivating and killing over 99.9% of bacteria after two hours, even with repeated recontamination and dry and wet abrasions

Use Copper Everywhere

The use of copper and copper alloys including bronze and brass in public settings and transport can radically help in eliminating the spread of malicious bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The Tri-Attack to Fitness: The Three Ways to a Stronger, Leaner and Healthier You!


exerciseYou might have heard the adage that ‘health is wealth’. It is very true. What good is hoarding material wealth when you won’t be around to enjoy it?

The concept of health and fitness is swiftly becoming the norm worldwide as the fitness wave is crashing every shore. But even if it is not trending, your health should always be on your concern list.

But how exactly do you stay on top of your body’s health? Here is the basic three pillars that will keep you strong.

1. Exercise

People groan at the sound of having to jog a mile, or at the prospect of doing push-ups. But there really is no going around it. Exercise is one of the essentials of a healthy body.

Cardiovascular and endurance exercises such as running and swimming keeps your heart, lungs and blood circulation strong, which is more that can be said for couch potatoes. Meanwhile, strength and resistance training such as weightlifting and calisthenics improve muscle strength and can ensure optimum strength even in your golden years.

You may have also have heard that healthy mind equals an healthy body. That is true in many ways. For instance, just an hour or two of a good workout spikes your endorphin levels. Endorphins are the ‘feel-good’ hormones, so go figure.

2. Nutrition

Exercise keeps your body strong, but nutrition ensures that there is a body strong enough to exercise to begin with. Mind what you eat. Firstly, eat right. The proper carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and vitamins keep your body strong and kicking.

For those going the extra mile, you can opt to take herbal dietary supplements to make sure your body’s vitamin needs are well addressed, adds

3. Rest

You may be running marathons and eating like a Viking, but in the end you are only human. And human bodies need rest as well. If you are embarking on a fitness training program, it is important to give yourself the proper rest. The rest gives your body the time it needs to adapt to the aggressive changes you have been making, to recharge exhausted muscles and organs, or even just to a brief breather from the toll physical exercise is taking. Proper rest allows for growth and recovery, so do not overdo it.

At the end of the day, you have to think: you have been given and blessed with a healthy body, no defects and no weakness. It is your duty to nourish and develop with what you were given.

The Truth, The Strange, and The Good: Fun Facts about Coffee


coffeeCoffee shops continue to flourish, each offering cosy ambiences and cool crowds. Visit one, relax, and taste their endless choices of beverages. Coffee can’t go wrong. Some people even say the worst coffee is better than no coffee at all.

That cup of Joe holds more than just a few stories and facts. These facts about the world’s most consumed beverage might just come in handy when trying to liven up a conversation the next time you visit The Royal.

The Truth

1. Ethiopian shepherds noticed their goats prancing around after eating the berries where coffee beans come from. The nomadic mountain people didn’t add the beans to their beverage; they eat the berries directly.

2. 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. There are 7 billion people in the world. If you distribute the figures evenly, it would mean each person drinks 57 cups of coffee annually. The U.S. alone has 100 million of daily coffee drinkers.

3. Espresso literally means ‘to force out’ in Italian, describing the process of making this caffeinated beverage. Most people thought it came from the word ‘express’, or ‘to speed up’.

4. Capuchin monks wear brown cowls or robes. This inspired the cappuccino blend.

The Strange

1. Old Turkish tradition requires grooms to always provide coffee to their new wives. Failure to comply can be grounds for divorce.

2. Kopi Luwak costs $600 per pound, making it the most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee beans come from the faeces of wild cats from Sumatra.

3. A man named George Washington invented instant coffee. He was a Belgian who lived in Guatemala.

The Good

1. Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes memory loss or confusion. According to studies, two-thirds of people who regularly drink coffee are less likely to suffer from this condition compared to non-coffee drinkers.

2. Some researchers claim caffeine may help reduce the chance of developing cirrhosis, a condition that causes scarring of liver tissues.

3. Studies show caffeine enhances physical performance by burning more fat from the tissues and boosting the body’s adrenaline levels.
There’s more to coffee than just being a regular morning drink. After all, who could resist the bittersweet aroma of this beverage?

Clutter-free Cooking: Minimalist Kitchen Must-Haves

Kitchen Must-Haves

Kitchen Must-HavesA lot of self-proclaimed kitchen gods and goddesses tend to hoard unnecessary utensils and equipment. If you are identifying with them, it is time to clean up your sanctuary. Aside from your regular flatware, mixing bowls, whisk and spatula, here are a few basic things you need in the kitchen:

Stove with oven

You can do anything with this combo. Ditch the microwave, rice cooker, pressure cooker and double boiler and start maximising this piece of equipment alone. The minimalist design can easily fit in this appliance with the right planning, as suggested by Kitchen Matters.


The ideal refrigerator does not have to eat up all the space in your kitchen. Choose one that can fill your kitchen vertically instead of getting chest refrigerators and freezers. Make sure it can contain your largest cake ice cream pan and you are good to go.

Food Processor

Blend, puree, chop, juice, mix and grind using a food processor. It is one of the most ingenuous appliances ever created for the kitchen. Choose a portable mini food processor if you do not see yourself cooking for a big event anytime soon. Processors can be bulky and less energy efficient, so choose one that can cover your daily needs and just borrow a bigger one during special occasions.

Three Pots

Tired of hanging heavy pots over the counter? Good news, you only need three pots: a skillet or sauté pan, a stockpot and a saucepan. The skillet can be your primary cooking pal for fried and sauté meals. Your large pot will handle all your stews, bouillons, boiled and steamed dishes, while your small pot will be devoted to sauces and cooking the other ingredients in small amounts.

Two knives

Most of the time, you would have your meat carved and chopped at the butcher’s so why stack on half a dozen knives? You only need a paring and a chef’s knife. You can sharpen the edges of both knives on each other so there is no need to buy a honing steel.

The key to a minimalist kitchen is buying multifunctional and multipurpose equipment. Get minimal and work better in a clutter free kitchen.

Dealing with the Loss of a Child: the Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents

child adoption

Giving a child away comes with mixed emotions from biological parents. After all, placing your baby in the arms of another is a sight worth some shed tears.

child adoptionIt is difficult to generalize about the experiences of all birth parents. Many proceed with this heart-wrenching task with the hopes of providing their child with a better future. Other reasons include social values, personal goals and the family’s financial situation.

Birth parents often respond with a variety of emotions. After all, placing a child up for adoption through organizations, such as, leaves a mark — a bittersweet one. Many uncertainties haunt birth parents: how do you get through? How will this affect me? Did I do the right thing?

Phases of Grieving

Placing a child up for adoption is traumatic for birth parents, especially the mother. Parents who place their child for adoption plan for the evident loss in their lives. Once a mother gives birth and surrenders her child, various shades of grief occur. These include sorrow, guilt, shame, shock, denial, and anger.

All reactions are normal for parents dealing with loss. When birth parents first deal with loss, grief is expressed through denial. This is followed by depression as the situation hits home — the child is truly gone. Eventually, parents will experience anger at themselves and at the people who organized the adoption.

The final phase is acceptance. The grief remains but parents learn to integrate the pain and move on with their lives.

Thinking About the Child

Birth parents will never forget their child. Despite the absence of their child, mothers and fathers occasionally think about the adoption and their loss. Birth parents who lose contact with their child sometimes maintain fantasies about it, envisioning the child from infancy to adulthood.

Some parents experience guilt when remembering their child. Social stigma plays a role in this experience. Mothers are ashamed to admit to co-workers their adoption stories for fear of being judged as irresponsible. Others feel shame for “rejecting” their own offspring.

Rising Above the Pain

In dealing with this traumatic event, parents usually find comfort in family members. Support groups also exist to provide birth parents with coping methods to alleviate the grief and pain. Others seek counselling to move forward in the grieving process.

Adoption is no easy task. Birth parents must seek proper recuperating methods or help to survive the painful ordeal of surrendering their child to the arms of someone else.

The Quest for a Better Face – Botox Jaw Reduction

beautiful girl

beautiful girlPeople do many things to get that ideal beautiful look. The efforts could range from the mere use of skin smoothening lotions to going for plastic surgery to alter the look of major body features. Slimming your face to give it that V shape is one of the most common facial procedures next to nose, skin and lip jobs.

Why Botox

Botox is one of the most common non-intrusive plastic surgery options. You can use it to get those ugly wrinkles off your face or to firm up your eyelids, giving them a more attractive look. It can also make your face look slimmer. By using the Botox injection, you will force your jaw muscles to reduce in size over time and give your jawline a less prominent look.

How it works

A Botox injection will only work if your masseter muscles are responsible for your jaw size. Big masseter muscles could give your face a fuller, rounder look. Injecting these muscles with Botox will force them to shrink, hence trimming off some of the bulk.

The effects of losing the muscles

Since Botox jaw reduction works by getting rid of some useful muscle fibre in the body, many people fear that it could have a diverse effect on your mastication. This is rarely the case.

Research says that humans have a fairly strong bite. A reasonable reduction of the masseter could affect your bite force negatively. The good news is the procedure will relax the muscles and make them smaller, but you can still chew.

Besides, you rarely need to max out on your bite force when eating. You will not even realize the slight drop resulting from the procedure.

Your masseters may be responsible for your big jaws. If this is the case, then a Botox injection will do the job right. For people with naturally big jawbone, however, visit a surgeon for an intrusive reduction procedure.

Top 3 Places to Play with Your Kids

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the BaySingapore is a bustling city with many attractions for kids. The city-state has parks, amusement parks, and museums that enrich the lives of kids.

Play has many benefits that help your child get exercise and improve their cognitive abilities. You can choose from different places around Singapore that are perfect to spend time and play with your kids.


Sentosa has many attractions that will keep your child or the child at heart giddy. The many rides at Universal Studios entice your child’s senses and opens up a new world of wonder to them. Palawan Beach enables your child to get in touch with nature. Make sand castles or play tag with your child to make them feel loved.

Port of Lost Wonder is an ideal place to play and spend time with your kid. It has activities that stir your child’s imagination. Play hide and seek in the Pirate Ship or discover the unknown on Curiosity Island, visit to learn more about the activities you and your child can do.

Gardens by the Bay

The Bay combines nature and science to deliver a one of a kind experience for kids and parents alike. Explore the grounds of the park and learn about the Super Trees. You can also enter the two biomes within the park’s premises. Get to know how nature works as you and your child enter the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. Play is not limited to running around and sweating. Make it an educational day out by taking your child to the Gardens by the Bay.

West Coast Park

West Coast Park is an ideal destination to work up a sweat and exercise with your kids. The park has seven different kinds of play sections to fit various age groups from young children to teens. Play tag, double-dutch, hop scotch, and hide and seek in the park grounds. It has a humongous web-like structure that lets kids and parents climb it.

The West Coast Park, Gardens by the Bay, and attractions in Sentosa are just a handful of fun places to spend time with your kids. Consider your child’s interests to help you plan the places to visit and things to do.

3 Things to Avoid When Shopping for Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Office FurnitureChoosing which pieces of office furniture to buy is an important task, whether your company is just starting out or you’re redesigning your office. The task, however, is not that easy. To help you make the right decisions, be aware of things you should avoid.

Buying hastily

You may have the budget, but if you don’t have a plan, you could end up with substandard or overpriced chairs and desks. Think about some important things. If you’re moving to a new office, for example, take into account the new items you’ll need to fill the space.

Additionally, think of the long-term use of each furniture piece. Are you planning to hire new employees in the coming months? Is there a possibility of moving to another office soon?

Choosing what looks cool, not what’s practical

Most modern office furniture designs are pleasing to the eyes. The problem, however, is that not all of them are practical and comfortable. If your newly bought office chair, for example, hurts your back after just a few hours of sitting on it, you’ve just wasted your money. Appearance can be a factor, but do not completely base your decision on it.

Making decisions based on the price tag

A higher price tag doesn’t automatically mean higher quality. Do some research and you’d be surprised that lower-priced, used pieces of furniture may have better quality than newer and more expensive ones.

Usually, these items are still in good condition. Their previous owners may have redesigned their office and chose a different furniture style, so they have no more use for their old furniture. To save some money without compromising quality, look for used office furniture in Salt Lake City.

Your office furniture can say a lot about your company. They can make a good impression on your guests and potential clients. Remember these tips to avoid making mistakes in choosing office furniture.