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Have Humans Lost the Appreciation for Understated Beauty?


skyscraperJ.R.R. Tolkien, the creator of Middle Earth and the Lord of the Rings, is one of the foremost voices that decried the sprawling industrialisation and urbanisation of the world. His beloved rural England was, in front of his eyes, being transformed to a land of machine, metal and modernity. Famously, he used this as an inspiration to depict the contrast of the grasslands of Middle Earth to the fire and industry of Mordor.

Before, the landscapes and streets of major cities were quaint, very idyllic like. Now, almost everything are skyscrapers and other wonders of concrete. According to, industry professionals today are looking to shape the cities of the future.

One has to go miles further off to witness nature and the understated beauty of rustic towns. Have humans lost the appreciation for this kind of aesthetic?

Have We?

First, civilisation will inevitably bring this kind of situation no matter what. Humans will always want better and bigger. The question acts as a double-edged sword: this side shows the social, financial and cultural benefits of city centres, whilst the other depicts its eventual expansion to other areas, endangering the places where understated design is still alive.

Everything has to be refined, urbane, polished. If this behaviour is so widespread, why does everyone appreciate da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh? Their paintings do not depict perfection, but underneath it lie the very definition of good aesthetics.

Will We?

Maybe in a few years, people will revert to the understatement and create structures that do not promote excess, but the antiquated beauty of yesteryear. In fact, people use the same aspect to design their homes. Why not bring it out in the open?

Major European cities hold the beacon of hope for understatement. Paris and other urban centres ban or prohibits the building of tall structures because their cities feature old streets, houses and relics that date back to ancient histories as part of the area’s essence.

In an optimistic outlook, the age-old quality of understatement will come back in the near future. For now, it is the best time to appreciate the wonder of modernity, along with the cities of the future. Soon, perhaps the metro will have a completely different look.

Adding Bounce To Your Hair: Permanent Waves

Hair Perming

Hair PermingMany people these days get their hair set into permanent waves. A good perm can make your hair look more voluminous, smoother and last for a long time. They appear fashionable and modern, boosting your self-confidence as well. Permanent waves look best when you have long hair, giving your hair a bounce that looks natural.

For a change of hairstyle, here are some things you should keep in mind about perms, notes Circles of Subiaco:

Undamaged Hair is Best for Perming

Dried out or bleached hair usually does not look as natural when styled. Since chemicals set your hair into permanent waves, undamaged hair can best withstand the process of styling. In addition, it appears better as well.

Thick Long Hair? Permanent Waves Look Best

Since the waves make your hair appears shorter, short or layered hair may not give you the appearance you have in mind. Thick hair when permed looks much more voluminous as well.

Certain Types of Hair: Challenge Mode On

Styling different kinds of hair requires different techniques. For example, the natural texture of Asian or African-American hair requires extra effort and care to set in waves.

Other Kinds of Perms

Before having your hair set in permanent waves, know your options. Consult your stylist to check which style would suit you best, as well as maintain.

Curls Vary in Size

The size of the rod used to curl your hair can alter the tightness of your curls. Before your stylist begins the process of perming your hair, make sure to confirm the size of the curls you want.

Since perming your hair is a relatively permanent change that you cannot undo, make sure that the stylist you choose has experience. Find the best hairdresser in Perth by asking your friends and family to recommend good stylists in the city.

Breaking Wind: Awnings and their Advantages


awningsDuring harsh summers, the sun can wreak havoc with home exteriors and even some interiors. The glaring sun can fade patio and indoor furniture, curtains, interior carpets and even heat up the home itself. To counter these ill effects in Perth, awnings provide adequate protection.

How Can They Protect?

These accessories are available in a number of shapes, sizes and varying materials. Since you can customise them to suit all types of structures and purposes, finding one for your home is an easy task.

They can effectively shade outdoor chairs, couches, tables and people from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They can keep the temperature around the home cooler and thus lower cooling costs.

The Fixed Types

There are awnings called fixed awnings, which are permanent and function as canopies for storefronts or home exteriors. These can be near a window, door or porch and serve to provide shade and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the structure.

Fixed varieties need professional installation so they remain sturdy against wind gusts. While snow collects on them and can weigh them down a bit. However they are excellent at providing shade and reducing your utility bills.

The Portable and the Retractable Variety

Portable and retractable awnings are very convenient and freestanding. You can move them from one place to another depending on the movement of the sun.

The best examples are pyramid cabanas, used as pool shades, for outdoor wedding receptions and parties.

Retractable ones suit places with unpredictable weather conditions. Using a hand crank or a motor, you can retract them during heavy rain or snow. Thus, these are effective during summers, while for winter you can just retract and store them safely.

Choose a style, pattern, colour and size that suit your personal tastes and that of your home or store.

Why You Should Start Running Webinars


WebinarsMore and more businesses are taking advantage of Internet resources to expand their reach and communicate with potential customers and partners. It has given businesses the ability to communicate and stay in touch with staff, partners, or clients that are beyond local state boundaries while keeping the costs relatively low.

Whether you are looking to show a video or conduct a presentation, or open a line of communication, seminars conducted over the Internet or webinars, as they are more popularly called, offer benefits and advantages that you should not ignore. Let us give you some reasons to start holding webinars today.

Easy and Convenient

One advantage webinars give is convenience. Instead of having your staff and partners convene to a specific location, webinars enable everyone to participate and tune in from the comforts of the office and save time that would otherwise be consumed by traveling.

It is Cost Effective

If your company is spending too much on interstate or international call charges, it’s time you look for other options. Technology provider, Adigo says conducting webinars cuts down your expenses because it requires less equipment and bandwidth. Participants from all corners of the world can join using a laptop or desktop and a decent Internet connection. Your expenses drop, as your collaboration capability increases.

Because it Works

Webinars are among the top 12 most frequently used marketing tactics because they work. According to one research, webinars are also among the top 5 most effective ways to market a business. Not only it is useful in marketing, it also has the potential to generate income by charging for tickets to the webinar in cases where your webinar provides content valuable to your target audience.

There are many other reasons to start running a webinar today, but these three take the lead because they show the most significant benefits businesses will enjoy when they finally decide to utilize this innovative business tool.

Trade Secrets: Essential Know-how for Business Owners

Corporate Business

Corporate BusinessEvery business strives to trump its competition. It goes without saying that a company’s main goal is to grow, expand, and be the best in its own niche. To do this, your enterprise needs to have its own competitive edge; in other words, trade secrets.

But if you think trade secrets are limited to the entrepreneurial aspect of your business, you’re looking at it wrong. This concept has a legal side. Moreover, it is something that the country’s legal system protects through the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (EEA).

Trade Secrets 101

The law defines a trade secret as a specific idea, process, formula, or something similar that gives a particular business a competitive advantage. Think of it as your ace, the reason your business sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. Computer algorithms, secret recipes, and marketing strategies could all be trade secrets, depending on the company that owns the concept or product.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Business owners need to take certain steps to make sure that trade secrets remain a secret. By default, the company must impose policies that forbid the disclosure of sensitive information to people outside the enterprise. The enterprise, as a whole, should operate in a manner that keeps crucial trade secrets secure.

Experts suggest that the most effective method is to use a non-disclosure agreement. This document binds every person within an enterprise to keep all information related to trade secrets confidential.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Houston-based criminal defense law firm,, explains that the intentional theft of trade secrets is punishable by law. Under the provisions of the EEA, the US government may indict any entity involved in the theft or misappropriation of trade secrets.

Individual violators may face a fine of up to $500,000, while the cost for corporations could go as high as $5 million. The punishment could also include jail time of up to 10 years maximum. The only time these penalties go even higher is when the trade secrets were stolen on behalf of a foreign agent or government. In this case, the court doubles the fine and could possibly extend the jail time to 15 years.

Although there is a law that deals with the theft of trade secrets, your safest bet will always be proper protection for your competitive edge. After all, these trade secrets are what drive your company’s growth.

Asset Management: A Key Success Indicator for Mining Businesses

asset management

asset managementOne of the main concerns of many mining companies is efficient maintenance of tools, machines, facilities and other assets. Operational efficient often translates to a reduction in overhead costs. Fortunately, today, a range of new and high-tech tools are available, enabling the easier management of assets.

The Status of Mining Industry

Australian mining companies have experienced increasing costs over the past few years. Operating expenses for extraction, production and transportation are rising, while demand is fluctuating and stock values are going low. Because of these factors, many mining companies are striving to boost productivity using existing assets and minimise operating costs. Doing more with less has become the name of the game.

This trend compels mining businesses to take advantage of currently available and emerging technologies, such as asset and inventory management software, to cope effectively with industry demands.

Biggest Piece of the Overhead Expenses Pie

Mining industry analysts say that most of the mining business’ capital is spent on maintenance. About 30-50% of the budget is allotted for maintaining equipment and facilities. Problems in machines and equipment would paralyse mining operations, if they were not dealt with quickly and properly.

The Age of Innovation

Modern technologies help mining businesses keep accurate track of assets. For instance, asset management systems allow businesses to make sound decisions as to when to replace assets and what risks and benefits are involved in the purchase. This is made possible by the software’s integrated information, high-tech analytics and business intelligence.

Mining industry analysts forecast that the adoption of these technologies in all mining businesses will be inevitable in the next years. Asset management systems would render businesses competitive in harnessing efficiency, boosting ROI and maximising the productivity of existing assets. It is important for mining businesses to engage in innovations to stay on top of the industry.

Avoiding Common Mistakes to Create Wealth in Property Investment

property investment

property investmentThough investing in property sounds simple, it’s still not easy. In most statistics, you’ll notice that a lot of investors don’t get past their second property. For some who get into real estate, however, they still don’t achieve the financial freedom they’re longing for.

Of course, you can make good money in properties, but you need to avoid these common mistakes to keep you on the right track.

Going Ahead Without Planning

You should approach investing with a well-planned strategy. According to Vision One Projects, any strategy you make should match your financial situation and long-term wealth creation goals. Make sure to map out where you want to be in the future and have a detailed plan before buying something.

Doing Things on Your Own

Just because you’re smart and know something about investing, it doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed. Though it’s your responsibility to acquire sufficient knowledge about this field, it’s still crucial to surround yourself with a great team of advisors — accountant, solicitor, property developer, finance broker, etc.

Forgetting about Research

One of the most common mistakes property investors commit is that they make emotional purchases — buying a property in their comfort zone. To be a successful investor, you need to remember these two things: the property must fit your investment goals and strategy and it has an upside potential.

Eyeing for a Bargain

Don’t settle for cheap properties. If you want to make wealth with real estate, you need to purchase the right property that has good quality.

Being Short-Sighted

Review your property portfolio regularly so you won’t lose sight of the big picture. Keep in mind that some properties will robustly outperform others over the next few years. For this reason, if you own secondary properties that are unlikely to benefit from strong capital growth, you can just sell them and invest in properties that let you develop long-term financial independence.

If you’re a seasoned property investor or a first-time investor, make sure to keep the above tips in mind to take your property investment to the next level.

Balance and Hearing Loss: What’s the Link?

hearing loss

hearing lossMany Americans suffer hearing loss. Statistics show that over 10% of the US population has trouble hearing to some extent. You may think 10%is just a small number, but the figure translates to about 31 million people in America. In Utah, the latest statistics show that there are over 1,600,000 residents who experience hearing loss.

Hearing loss is not just a physical problem; it also takes a toll on the psychological health of an individual. It limits a person’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest. If you are suffering hearing loss, there are many choices for an affordable hearing aid Utah audiology experts offer to help you improve both physical and mental well-being.

The Sense of Balance

The ear is a complex organ and regulates the processing of sound signals and maintains the vestibular system, which is responsible for body balance. A structure called the labyrinth is an organ primarily responsible for keeping the body’s sense of balance. The labyrinth is made up of tissue and bone and composed of semicircular canals, otolithic organs and cochlea. This complex network, together with the visual system, informs the body of its position in relation to earth and gravity. These systems work together to make sure that when the body moves, the person can see things clearly, without blurs and disorientation.

The Link between Hearing Loss and Balance

Hearing loss does not directly cause balance problems. But, if there are problems with the inner ear, then that may likely be the cause. This means that hearing loss may happen together with balance disorder signs such as dizziness, disorientation, confusion, and vertigo. You may also experience nausea, anxiety, and sudden changes in blood pressure.

Hearing loss may be a possible cause of balance issues. But, to identify the real cause of balance problems, it is best to consult Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists.

The Kimberley: Exploring a Unique and Vast Region

Exploring Kimberley

Exploring KimberleyLocated in Australia’s Northwest corner, the Kimberley offers spectacular scenery that is simply awe-inspiring and breathtaking. Its impenetrable coastline, epic waterways, and remote gorges can give you an adventure of a lifetime. It is considered as one of Australia’s hidden treasures, and one of the world’s great wilderness areas.

The Great Escape Charter Company shares highlights of the majestic beauty of the Kimberley:

Real Aussie Adventure

The Kimberley has not only breath-taking scenery, but also unique and interesting towns such as Broome and Kununurra. The growth of the tourism industry in the area has also allowed the area to develop  a real “Outback “charm and true character. This makes the Kimberley an excellent place to go for a uniquely Aussie adventure.

Unforgettable Attractions

The Kimberley region has plenty of unforgettable attractions to explore. You can visit the Purnululu National Park and see the beehive-shaped mounds of the Bungle Bungles. You can also ride a camel along the sands of Cable Beach, which is also the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.

The Region’s Heart

The Kimberley has a vast wildlife sanctuary and magnificent waterfalls that provide the perfect backdrop for a holiday adventure. The untouched coral atolls and rugged islands can be explored by a range of tour operators.

Organised Trips

A good way to experience the real beauty of the region is through a unique adventure tour. There are plenty of organised tours and trip providers in the Kimberley that allow you to witness natural attractions such as the horizontal waterfalls and incandescent ocean. You can even stay on an Aboriginal Run Cattle Station, Home Valley Station. Charter Boat Adventure Cruises Extended Charter Boat Adventure Cruises are also a great way to enjoy the Kimberley Coast. The epic waterways in the Kimberley are great for cruising and sightseeing. Fishing is a popular activity and you can also go on beach walks, swim in hidden-rock pools, or just relax with a refreshing drink in the onboard spa.

The Kimberley region is the perfect place to unwind and meet other tourists. You can choose to have a relaxing holiday or really see Australia’s last frontier by joining adventure tours. The possibilities are just endless in this unique and magnificent region of Australia’s North West.

5 Types of Workplace Hazards You Should Look Out for

workplace safety signs

workplace safety signsNo matter how attentive and conscientious you are in observing health and safety rules in the workplace, the potential for injuries and accidents is always present.

Workplace hazards can come in any shape or size, so, how exactly do you know which settings or events pose a threat to safety? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are five major categories of unsafe conditions that can cause injury, illness, or death.

1. Biological Hazards

These are associated with working with animals, humans, or infectious plant materials. The hazards include everyday objects or small things that you can encounter in schools, day care facilities, hospitals and clinics, outdoor occupations, and other settings. This includes blood and other body fluids, fungi, bacteria and viruses, plants, insect bites, animal droppings, and more.

2. Physical Hazards

These are factors within the environment that can harm you even without necessarily touching them. Physical hazards include radiation, exposure to too much sunlight and ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, and constant loud noise.

3. Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomics may play an important role in employee satisfaction, but do it wrong and it could actually pose a threat to everyone. This hazard involves the strain put on the body by the type of work, body position, and working conditions.

This includes improperly designed workstations and chairs, poor posture when working, repetitive awkward movements, repeating the same motion over and over, vibration, frequent lifting and more.

This is part of the reason the OSHA and safety products providers such as Brady encourages using safety and compliance products in any workplace. Small things like signs, labels, and tags can play a big role in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

4. Chemical Hazards

This is present when a worker is exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This is particularly problematic as some employees react to chemicals differently, as they are more sensitive.

Hazards include, but are not limited to cleaning products, paints, solvents, acids, gases, vapour, smoke, fuel, and more.

5. Work Organisation

These are the elements that cause stress (short-term) and strain (long-term). These hazards are often associated with workplace issues, including workload and lack of control.

Hazards can be anything from workplace violence, too much workload, and lack of respect, flexibility, and control over things.

Knowing the possible threats in your workplace is a great first step to a safer and more efficient operation.