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Where You Should Use Circles in Web Design

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web iconsTen years ago, almost all websites were full of boxes and squares. Everything online back then was just too focused on the corners of the screen. Fortunately, web design has moved away from that phase, thanks to the rising popularity of circles in web design.

You might ask why it’s just now that circles are becoming a hit online. Well, it’s because this shape is a fairly new development in design, given the difficulty in making and using it before. When you want a fresh, modern site, this is the shape you should use in your design.

Here are some suggestions from as to how you can incorporate circles in web design:


This, perhaps, is the most popular use of circles in web design, but it has that reputation for a reason: it works. Whenever you have an assortment of icons on the sidebar, it makes sense to adopt circular icons to house these buttons and links. This creates uniformity and consistency in design, which are two very important concepts when you’re gunning for a well-structured layout.


When you’re thinking of a new logo for your brand, put it in a circle. Why? There are a few reasons to justify this. For one, a circular logo renders a smooth, minimalist feel whilst featuring enough class and sophistication to get noticed. You can also add some symbolism to it, as circles often represent life. Be it in terms of aesthetics or symbolisms, a circle provides your design with a distinct boost in appeal.


Rectangles in navigation are so 2005. Evolve your design style into one that’s fit for 2014 using circles. It’s just a logical move to incorporate circles in your navigational buttons on the header and on the sidebar. Why? Tablets and smartphones continue to increase their market share, which means consumers use their fingers more to tap buttons and navigate through a site. Apart from improving the aesthetics of your site, circles also enhance the user experience, especially for mobile users.

Put squares and rectangles on the sidelines with your design and incorporate circles for a more contemporary feel for your website.

How Lawyers Assist in Every Way Possible

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Divorce is a dreaded situation, yes, but it is also a reality that many have to deal with. Sometimes separation really is the solution to marital woes. Although this is the case, couples have to realize that it can create strains, especially if there are kids involved.

law courtDuring this trying time, the services offered by a divorce attorney are indispensable. The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, along with the New York State Bar Association talk about how legal professionals can assist families during this troubling chapter:

Helping Families See the Bigger Picture

Families undergoing a trying chapter such as divorce often have difficulty processing what is going on around them. Trial dates, custody hearings, case filings, and settlement and mediation concerns are just some of the things they need to know and understand. Only a divorce attorney can help with comprehending all of these things, and give sound advice on which route to take.

Understand Legal Rights

A divorce attorney can help you understand your rights so that you know what you are entitled to in the divorce settlement. Most people do not know that even if they are living as common law husband and wife, spouses that have co-habited for a prescribed period are entitled to some benefits by law. For estranged couples considering divorce, a family lawyer can help protect interests with respect to division of marital properties, alimony, and protection of assets during the proceedings. This also includes maintenance, as well as reasonable distribution of income.

Filing of Necessary Court Documents

You will need the legal services of a family lawyer to file the necessary petitions in court. Your legal counsel will help with collecting all documents to assist in the settlement. In case of cheating spouses, the lawyer will help you gather evidence against your spouse to prove your partner’s indiscretions.

Divorce is an event no family should ever go through. If in case, you are confronted with this situation, trust in the legal advice of your family lawyer to help you go through this trying time.

The 5 Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

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There’s no single formula for achieving success in the real estate industry. The market had tested the faith and dedication of many investors, but only a few have remained and become successful.

real estateThe industry provides a range of markets to explore and discover. According to industry leader, management rights for sale present a golden opportunity for investors who want a career in the hospitality business. This opens an avenue for career exploration, but you need to develop the right habits before taking the spotlight.

1. Maintain high ethical standards

Different things can measure success, including ethics — a crucial factor in the money-making industry. There are successful real estate investors, but some have gone to the dark side just land on the spotlight. Only a few successful investors remain faithful to their business goals while complying with the industry standards. This provides them not only with success, but also with longevity in the business.

2. Focus on your niche

Every business needs to expand their markets, but focusing on your niche is much more important. This can help you develop more focused strategies and master the ins and outs of the business, leading to a successful disposition. Spend more time in mastering the playing field and knowing your competitors. If you’ve done your part, you can move to another field and apply the similar approach. Clever investors note that it is better to become a master of one than of none.

3. Deal with an unending learning process

The industry is home to the successful, the beginners and the in-betweens. With a constantly changing landscape, you need to be on your toes and stay updated. Know the trends and keep up with them. You can simply look at this approach as a contribution to your future investments. This can help you secure your business and maintain your generous market share.

4. Understand and take risks

Have you wondered why many investors are aware of the risks and yet they continue? This is because risks are one of the building blocks of a successful investment, especially in real estate.

Understand that the business industry is similar to gambling where you have to take risks to prosper and win that bucket of money.

5. Form a network

As they say, the successful ones surround themselves with geniuses and professionals in different fields. This network of connections and reliable professionals can come in handy during crisis prevention and planning. These geniuses would serve as the backbone of your investments, helping you stand up while almost everything falls down.

It takes more than perseverance and a huge financial capital to become successful. Most of the time, you need to acquire the right and ethical practices not only to become a victor, but also as a master of your trade.

Cash for Gold: Tips on Selling Pre-loved Gold Jewelry


goldHave you seen television advertisements that promised to turn your pre-loved gold jewelry into cash? Do you think it is worth it? After all, it is a good idea to sell your vintage gold jewelry piece to help you during the recession.

Any trustworthy gold buyer in Long Island will explain that the price of gold is now on the rise and there could not be a better time to get cash for gold. Just make sure that the buyer will offer you with the right price. Here are things you need to consider when selling gold jewelry:

Know the scale

The weight of gold determines its value. Jewellers use a different measurement standard called pennyweight, while others use grams. Be alert, however, as some dealers use pennyweight, but you pay from a gram. This is a tricky way for the buyer to pay less for more weight of gold.

Know the carats

Pure gold jewelry pieces have carats. Find out the carats of your gold to make an informed decision on the value of your jewelry. Do not let jewelers weigh your piece together with a different value. Some buyers do this to pay you for the lowest value.

Know your options

You can sell your gold items in different buyers such as:

Jewelry stores – The first option you should always consider is a jewelry store because these establishments are more likely to offer the right price.
Refiners – Refiners are also a great option, but be warned: they usually only buy in bulk.
PawnshopAvoid selling your jewelry in pawnshops because these typically offer the least amount of money.
Gold parties – Try to sell your pieces during gatherings or event, but don’t expect top dollar.

Rather than keeping it in a jewelry box, sell your vintage piece. The items you do not give importance may hold great value for someone else.

Life with Kids: Accommodating a Growing Family


familyOne of the most significant changes in life is having your own family — getting married and having children. As your family grows, your living arrangement changes and your home requirements grow. You may need to reassess your current house and start preparing for the next stages of your life.

Here are a few tips to find a new home when starting a family:

Consider Extra Space

When looking for family property, see how much space the house has. It is advisable to look for a home with at least one more bedroom than the current household members. This can be beneficial in the future if another child comes along. The area can also be used as a guest room, home office or entertainment zone.

Be Practical

Your growing family has different needs and requires more space. Other than looking for homes with extra bedrooms, you should also consider houses with great common areas, a nice kitchen, a workable laundry area and a private space for you and your spouse.

Get the Most Out of Outdoor Spaces

To give your kids plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoors, look for a property with ample yard space. If you can’t afford an extensive yard, buy a home with a limited yard, but has a close access to parks. Moreover, choose locations with a good sense of community and access to shopping malls or family style entertainment.

Mind Your Budget

Avoid buying a house that is too large for your family if you cannot afford it. Property experts like Berstan Homes and Your Mortgage Magazine say it is always best to estimate your monthly expenses with your mortgage payment to make sure you can meet your financial commitments. Keep in mind that having children means an increasing list of expenses, too.

Consider Safety

Safety concerns for your new house go beyond property lines. Apart from the home layout, fixture and furniture, you should also check the local crime rates to know if there are dangerous offenders nearby. Make sure the house is located in an area with reliable transport options and excellent health care systems.

Buying a home for a family requires careful consideration of your lifestyle changes. Consider working with a reliable homebuilder or real estate agent to find a home where you and your family can enjoy a satisfying life.

Top 3 Websites That Rival Facebook

social media contender

social media contenderFor the past few years, Facebook remains as the leading social media website. Though “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” buttons have been there for almost a decade, people still get hooked with it. The social network remains a cultural phenomenon to this day.

People use it to connect with their loved ones, share important events of their lives and spread the word about special events. Businesses are also benefiting from social media marketing services and other social media providers to introduce and promote products. Many websites provide the same user experience, but who can possibly take Facebook down?

Facebook is facing big challenges along the way, with other sites increasingly drawing new users and increased participation. They are trying to put Facebook down by providing a “better” platform. So what are these sites?


Twitter is the greatest competitor of Facebook because it is simply an exciting platform. While some people find the 140-character limit challenging, but it makes skimming the news feed much easier. People get to interact with others who share the same interest because of hashtag. Users also find it cool to get a chance to get in touch with famous personalities such as politicians and celebrities because they are active on Twitter.


Though Facebook and Instagram are partners, it seems that the popular photo-sharing website is slowly taking over. Like Twitter, it utilizes hashtags to make it easier for like-minded people to discover posts. It is simple, artistic, and interesting. The opportunity to manage the privacy setting gives it an edge.

Google Plus

People say Google + is more trustworthy than Facebook. Additionally, its Cloud feature automatically backs up the photos you take with your smartphone. These photos will not appear in the profile unless you allow it.

The power of social media has changed the way the world has developed. It has become an integral part of the lives of people. The more you use social media, the more you will harness its full potential.

Moving Somewhere? Choosing and Working with the Right Mover


boxesMoving to a new house or office can be quite the challenge. With so many different things to think about, it is easy to get frazzled and flustered. Of course, this is only the reality if you choose to do all the work on your own. The simple truth is that you will need help whenever making the move from one home or office to another.

Fortunately, there are many movers that can assist with your specific moving requirements. The only catch is that you must find the right one. For those, who are not already aware, discusses the search for Perth movers below:

Based on Distance

One way to look for moving services is to break it down based on the distance between your current address and the new one. Some movers have particular requirements; for example, one company only operates within city limits while another company can help you make the move between territories. This is something you need to think about, especially if you are moving quite a distance away from where you currently reside.

Based on Services Offered

You can also categorise the moving services based on the assistance offered. That is, whether they provide a full service, which include packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. Self service companies require you to do the packing yourself and will only take care of loading and unloading. Portable storage container services only provide you with a vehicle for transporting household goods – you will need to do the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking yourself.

There are many companies to choose from, especially if you are based in a major metropolitan centre like Perth. It is important to make an effort and find one that meets your needs and budget. Once you do, you can rest assured that house or office moving will be a smooth and swift process.

Creating An Unforgettable Event: A Simple Guide for Planning Celebrations


celebrationWhen it comes to parties and other celebrations, location plays a major role to ensure an unforgettable event.

Party venues located in Sandgate, like The Full Moon Hotel, can give you a range of ideas and opportunities to hold an anniversary celebration or birthday party.

When it comes to selecting the right venue, here are some tips you may consider:

Theme of the Party

Before looking for a venue, identify first the theme for your party. Whether a simple birthday bash, an office event or an engagement dinner, you need to determine the theme because there are different requirements for each one. Of course, you want to make every detail perfect for the most-awaited celebration.


The most popular venues get booked quite early. If you already have a prospective venue where you want to hold your party, book it several months in advance. As you may know, some things on your list may not go as planned. Make sure to have a backup plan and have a support team to cover other things.

Guest Population

You need to estimate the number of guests that will come to your event. A small venue is not appropriate for a party with 100 guests while a larger venue may be too big if you plan to invite only ten people or less.

The Venue

If you’re planning to hold a dance, book an event venue that offers enough space for people to move around. A corporate event should feature luxurious interiors, as you need to impress your clients and other participants.

Quality of Food

When it comes to unforgettable events, most people remember the food they ate or that which they avoided. If you serve good food and drinks at your party, your guests will definitely be satisfied and remember how great your party was.

Great Family Camping Trips Make for Excellent Traditions

camping trip

Ballina has become one of the most popular spots in the area on the Australian NSW coast. The camping sites provide the ideal opportunity to connect with friends and family members for holidays, or the fishing season. Rejuvenate tired minds and bodies like it’s nobody’s business and let loose.

camping tripDuring the Easter and Christmas holidays, many Australians spend their time in caravan parks and motels that have developed in the area over the years. Renowned local spot Ballina Beach Village notes that these camping sites provide many opportunities for swimming, sports and games, fishing, and for collecting marine life souvenirs. You can try visiting the Yamba camping sites known for their oysters and pippies.

These seasonal coastal camps provide you with the opportunity to live and work so that you get more acquainted with coastal life, and pass on the cultural knowledge to your children. What’s more fun is the opportunity to learn more about Australian aboriginal life.

The most popular places are saltwater, Red Rock and Lake Arragan. Saltwater is popular for its seafood, as well as its swimming spots. Communal living is popular in Boundary Creek, located on the south of Ballina; Mystery Bay located far out on the south coast and Yamba.

Boundary Creek, South of Ballina has a virgin beach and is a good spot for beach sports. Getting pipis, beach camping and collecting driftwood, which people can spot in heaps, are some of the greatest attractions here. Boundary Creek is truly a favourite haunt during Christmas and many people from all over the region gather here from places like Casino, Nambucca, Kempsey and Corak.

On the south coast of NSW, the other places of interest include, Potato Point, Barlings Beach and Mystery Bay which, which are located on Narooma’s south. These places are ideal for their abundant reserves of fish, especially salmon, abalone, lobster, mussels, bumbulas and conks.

Ballina camping trips can be great fun for the adventure loving and those who prefer to explore uncharted areas. With the mushrooming of budget and luxury hotels in the area over the years, this place attracts tourists in droves.


A Guide to the Different Types of Independent Living Communities

retirement community

retirement communityMost youngsters live by the motto “you only live once.” You have to admit, there is a grain of truth to what they’re saying. Life, after all, only gives you so many second chances. In most cases, we only have one shot at whatever life throws in our direction. Over time, you would reach the point whenyou will look back and smile at the things you have achieved in life – your family, your personal accomplishments, and your career.

This period, however, has its own set of challenges. There are different age-related ailments and other circumstances. This is why it pays for the elderly to stay healthy through regular exercise and proper diet. It could also be a good option to look at the different senior communities to maintain an active social life with peers. Today, there are many options for that.

Senior Apartments

Some developers design apartment complexes specifically for the senior population. This means that there are special provisions for accessibility. The structure also often houses recreational areas for the residents’ entertainment.

The Village

Twin Lakes Community says this is one of the newer options for accommodation for the elderly. This option allows them to stay in their own homes and stay independent, while receiving the necessary assistance. They have access to special programs and services for health care, transportation or get help with their chores, etc.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC)

In this type of living arrangement, the residents have their own homes located in close proximity with local services. Unlike the village setting, these communities are not developed specifically for the elderly, but the degree of convenience and proximity to services proves very useful.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

These communities offer independent living options for the elderly, along with skilled nursing and assisted care. These communities also offer social activities within the community.