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Residential Pool Installations: Guidelines and Requirements

residential pool

People enjoy using pools for fun and for therapeutic purposes. That’s why more people are now getting pools in their backyards. This requires a lot of planning, as swimming pools come in all sizes, shapes and designs. Also, there are specific guidelines and restrictions when installing inground residential swimming pools. So, owners should be fully aware of them before starting any construction plans.

residential pool

What exactly do homeowners have to do before they get a pool? Latham Pool Products, the leading manufacturer of inground residential swimming pools and components in Canada, offers the following discussion to help would-be pool owners.

Requirements for Pool Installation

• First, any type of pool — whether it’s for private recreation or a small business —needs a permit. This includes permanent and portable spas, as well as hot tubs and even ponds that need electrical power.

In the case of inground swimming pools, a homeowner has to check for restrictions and zoning laws. Some homeowners’ associations may have deed restrictions and covenants about pools.

• Fencing and barriers will be needed as well, and these vary with the type of pools. Get in touch with the homeowners’ association, the building safety department, and the pool company to get answers to all pool-related questions.

• Homeowners and pool installation companies have to present construction plans. These should have information on distance to electrical lines, the size of the pool, distance to building and walkway, water supply and disposal systems, location of pump and other equipment and how fencing is planned.

• Fencing is especially important for inground residential swimming pools with gates to prevent young children from getting access to the pool without supervision. There are a many codes and ordinances designed to make it easy for owners and installers to understand the requirements and comply with regulations.

• Pool installation companies are familiar with regulations in specific subdivisions, if they have installed a few pools already. They can help homeowners fill out and file all the right paperwork along with the plans to get permission.

Once the permit is issued, the homeowner has to post a notice to make sure people and inspectors are aware of the ongoing work. Inspections have to be carried out by energy and cable companies, so there will be no problems. The idea is to make sure all the work is done properly and there is no impediment to gas or electric and water lines. Final inspections are usually done after all the work, including fencing, is complete to ensure general safety.

Making Quality Investments: The Benefits of Investing in Residential Property via SMSF

Residential Area

SMSF, also known as Self-Managed Super Fund, is becoming one of the most popular means of purchasing residential property. This isn’t surprising, as there’s a growing number of investors who want to take control of their investment portfolios. Their aim is to achieve financial freedom once they reach the age of retirement.

Residential Area

One of the most popular benefits of purchasing property through SMSF is the tax breaks it offers. But, there are other considerations you need to determine if this approach is suitable for you., experts in buying property through SMSF, explains the benefits of investing in residential property through this approach:

  • Excellent management and control over superannuation investments
  • Attractive tax structure for investors
  • An opportunity to utilize the superannuation for the deposit to buy a property
  • Uncompromised personal cash flow if the rental income and required superannuation guarantee is enough to cover all of the expenses
  • No minimum amount needed to establish an SMSF
  • The opportunity to diversify within your fund
  • The option of purchasing and then renting back your own business property
  • The opportunity to borrow up to 80% of the value of a residential or rural property and 70% of a commercial property

Things to Consider

Like any other investment venture, there are factors you need to consider when choosing this approach to buy property. For instance, you need to know the cost of setting up an SMSF and maintaining it. If you have a structure in place to do bookkeeping, tax lodgements and annual audits, you should have no problem setting this up. There’s no minimum amount for setting up an SMSF. But if you intend to create one to purchase property, make sure there’s sufficient funds. You can also prove that you comply with the contribution requirements to cover the cost of deposit.

A Culinary Adventure: Where Foodies Go in Melbourne

bar and restaurant

Best known as the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne is popular as well for being the gourmet capital of Australia. Award-winning chefs, diverse cuisine, and world-class wineries are easily accessible in the city.

You cannot visit all mountain peaks, but you can make your trip in Melbourne a big, tasty adventure. With new restaurants, bars, and cafes, according to Hatch & Co., the only trouble you will have is choosing where to go first. Here are some great food destinations in the city:

bar and restaurant

The stylish bars and restaurants

You can have a relaxed bar and dining experience in the city. Bars and restaurants in Melbourne take pride in the ingredients they source and the food they prepare. Some of the city’s top fine dining restaurants are even opening new branches, inviting tourists to experience quality dishes and great wines in a casual environment.

The cafés

Perhaps only a strong, perfectly brewed espresso can brighten your mornings. Melbourne has many cafés that never disappoint, and the cheery welcome from employees is the perfect way to start your day right. Since the invention of the first espresso machine in the 50s, the city’s love for coffee continues to prosper. Visiting the city will not be complete without enjoying the aroma of coffee beans and fresh brews.

The markets

For a different foodie experience, be sure to walk around Melbourne’s markets. This is a great place to know more about the city’s food culture, speciality foods, and deli items. Where to start depends on whether you are there for eating or food shopping. The city’s markets are superb, and catching a glimpse of skilled butchers at work is fascinating. If you are after something distinct, the butchers will cut meat to your specifications.

Take your food adventure to a new level at Melbourne’s panoramic views. Remember that it is not just what you eat; it is the whole experience as well.

Quality Awnings for Your Buildings: Combining Style with Function


Awnings or overhangs are common fixtures that add to a window or a door’s appeal while also serving similarly to a roof. They protect the door or the window from the vagaries of the weather. For instance, a window awning blocks the sun’s rays during summer and helps lower cooling costs. They come in three broad categories — fixed, freestanding and retractable.


Fixed Awnings

They’re also called stationary awnings. These are installed permanently in set positions in any given location. These are fixed over windows, decks, doors or patios. These are available in a number of shapes that include convex, concave, dome or in the traditional straight-slope shape. These awnings are manufactured from thick canvas, although metal awnings are also available.

Freestanding Awnings

Also called unattached or portable awnings, these types of awnings are flexible and can be transported wherever you want. The fabric of these awnings is stretched onto a given frame and is subsequently fixed to two poles at both ends. These are somewhat the same as canopies. But, canopies have four poles, while a freestanding awning only has two; thus, requiring a sturdier base to support the poles. Canopies can also be defined as roof-like structures that can be placed on tables, while freestanding awnings are more like an extended shade.

Retractable Awnings

The main advantage of this type is that they can be rolled or folded up when not in use. These awnings are even motorized and can be operated with a remote control. Retractable awnings can give either sun or shade in any given location. They can also be retracted when snow, wind or other weather conditions may damage them.

Awnings are a more affordable substitute for concrete structures above doors and windows, but they need to be replaced once they’re worn out. Their selection, however, depends on the window or door type and size. But, they come in different colors and add to a place’s aesthetics substantially. Awnings make establishments like ice cream shops attractive and even help in advertising brands, a common phenomenon in the United States. They need to be properly maintained, however, to make them last longer.