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Is It Wise to Live in Makati?

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Makati is a city in the Philippines where the fun and excitement never stops. There are endless possibilities, and it’s why many locals and expatriates choose to call it home.

apartments for rent

Here are some of the reasons you should consider living in Makati:

Best Malls in the City

With over 60,000 retail and commercial establishments, Makati is a true shopping mecca. Shopping malls in Makati are home to local and international brands. For quick access to the top properties in the city, then you should look for apartments for rent in Poblacion and other villages surrounding the Central Business District.

Value for Money

Makati condos and apartments have the highest property value and occupancy rates in the Philippines. There are many premium rental apartments in Poblacion, Rockwell Center, and Salcedo Village.


In Makati, everything is within reach. It is pedestrian-friendly, with sidewalks and underpasses, and has quick access to buses and the MRT. As Makati is the country’s business hub, living near your workplace gives you the flexibility needed for work-life balance. You can also save a lot of money by keeping your commute short.

Makati has numerous establishments that cater to whatever your needs may be. Whether you’re going to rent an apartment or buy a house, you should look past the notion that living in Makati is costly.


Hair Care Regime for Gorgeous Hair

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The secret to achieving beautiful and long hair lies in your daily hair routine and habits. By implementing a proper diet and a hair care regimen, you can get the hair you’ve always wanted. Here are a few tips for healthy and glowing tresses.

Blow Dry

When blow-drying your hair, choose the warm setting on the dryer and hold it six to eight inches away from your tresses. Point the dryer down on the hair shaft to prevent frizz. Keep the dryer moving constantly to avoid applying to much heat on a certain spot.

hair salons

Long and Healthy Hair

The key to caring for long and healthy hair is frequent trims every six to eight weeks. Hair conditioning your locks every other day is also important to prevent it from drying. Hot oil massages or scalp treatments once a month is also helpful in stimulating hair growth. Visit or Red Stella Salon for suggestions on other treatment.

Promote Good Habits

See positive and permanent changes in your hair’s health by filling your plate with green vegetables such as kale and spinach. These veggies contain vitamins that can make your hair shiny. Invest in supplements like biotin to strengthen weak hair strands. Avoid stress, smoking, and bad eating habits, as these can make your hair dull and prone to damage.

Brushing the Right Way

Use natural bristles, as they are gentler and more flexible than synthetic versions. They also prevent your hair from splitting and breaking before you reach your desired length.

Say goodbye to bad hair days with these tips. Discover more tricks for beautiful hair by visiting beauty websites.

Drilling for WAWF: Meeting Service Standards for the Military Sectors

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Providing services to the Department of Defense and the military sector is a project you should perform carefully. This makes their processes easier and will help them meet their operating standards. One way you can ensure convenient delivery and receipt of your goods is through the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

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Complying with Service Objectives

The military is naturally meticulous when it comes to following their process. Undergoing WAWF training is necessary to make transactions smoother. This will teach you how to use specific web-based solutions to send invoices and other documents, allowing for faster and more streamlined communications with your client.

Customizing Your Systems

Your standard approach will not always work when providing services to the military sector. Learn about your client’s item identification system, such as RFID labeling and other processes so you can adjust your processes accordingly. This will also let you provide better solutions that match their needs.

Starting Your Training

There are service requirements you’ll have to submit with the DoD and other military units. Check out how you can follow their standards to start your WAWF training. You might have to get special permits to make sure your services are a good fit.

The training can be complex at first as you familiarize with the processes involved. Get assistance from knowledgeable and reliable experts, so your performance will meet, if not exceed, the standards.

Unique Yet Fun Activities to Try at the Beach

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Heading to the beach is one of the most common vacation ideas for parents and their children. After all, beaches are the perfect playground where both kids and adults can enjoy. Though sitting by the beach and enjoying the waves may be fun for you, your children might feel restless.

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Here are some fun ideas to make your beach vacation extra special:

Take fun beach photographs

Beaches are naturally beautiful backdrops for family photos. By using different perspectives, you can capture extraordinary shots of your days by the waters. To make it even more memorable, look for a professional beach photographer.

Try playing Hydro Smash

Older kids enjoy a game of paddleball. It’s more of a cooperative game than a competitive one. Play a few rounds with your children by hitting the ball back and forth. Whoever misses a shot loses a point.

Make a simple tent with leaves and twigs

A beach tent is a great option for an island kind of fun. Kids find making tents an enjoyable activity. To create a simple one, look for items around the beach and start a fun treasure hunt game.

Create your own colourful kites and fly them above waters

Stiff breezes at the beach can make for great kite flying. Use a sturdy kite that won’t break in a heavy gust.

The sweltering heat is proof that now is the perfect time to hit the beach. With these fun activities, you will have a great time with the entire family.