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The World’s Most Expensive Private Gardens

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Gardens are where weary workers retreat to get away from the stress of city life. People use these places to connect with nature and forget about deadlines, bills, and most other worries. But, gardens don’t come about out of nowhere; they’re significant investments in a property. If you take into account not just the garden supplies, but its design as well, considerable amounts of money can go into your outdoor sanctuary.

garden supplies

Some gardens take the expense more easily than most, and the amounts spent on some of the world’s most lavish gardens are astounding.

The Leonardslee Garden in West Sussex is a lush 225-acre property bursting with flowers, wallabies, lakes, waterfalls, and one-of-a-kind trees. Bought by an anonymous bidder in 2010, the gardens collected a sum of £5 million.

The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual event hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, and is the world’s premiere horticultural event. Fantastic displays of plant-life and artistic garden design adorn the exhibits year-in and year-out. But, 2010 was special because of one particular entry.

Entitled the ‘Ace of Diamonds’, renowned garden designer David Domoney, using simple gardening supplies, created one of the most successful fusions of luxury and nature to date. The garden featured plants named after jewellery, and jewellery inspired by plants. Overall, the entire garden cost £18,706,237.


Ellipticals: The Total Body Workout Machine


Elliptical trainers are the ultimate workout equipment for all-around fitness. They are non-impactful to the knees, making it a better choice for people suffering from bone and joint conditions. Certain models have movable poles or upper body handles that work similarly to ski poles to give your arms some exercise.


According to some leading brand in fitness, such as Proform and iFit, working out using ellipticals is the key to achieve a well-rounded healthy body. Here’s why:


Improved cardiovascular health is the main reward for breaking a sweat on this equipment. A 30-minute workout five times a week is enough to give your heart a vigorous training. An elliptical machine makes it easier to achieve your heart rate goals without getting out of breath fast.

Weight Loss

Working out on this machine for half an hour at a moderate level can help you burn more than 200 calories. Its design is built for comfort, and won’t stress your feet, knees, and hips out during the training.

Muscle Toning

This equipment puts your arms at constant work, allowing you to tone more muscle groups than just by running. Pedaling your feet in reverse, adjusting the incline, and increasing the resistance levels provides a tougher training for your muscle tissues.

Modern ellipticals have innovative features to help reach new heights in fitness. Understand the proper way of exercising on it to avoid injuries and reap all the health rewards you can get with this machine.

Budgeting Like a Pro: Spending Less and Gaining More

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Proper spending and budgeting are the foundations of every financial plan. Regardless of whether you’re living pay-check to pay-check or own a business earning six-figures annually, you need to know where your money goes to improve cash flow.

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Contrary to what many might believe, proper budgeting isn’t all about stopping yourself from buying enhancements for your business or eliminating all the enjoyment out of life. It’s about knowing how much money you have, where it goes, and determining where to allocate those funds.

Try to cut costs

If times are tight and you need to pay a bill, advertise, or put money into a new project, consider cost cutting. Look at features you can control and minimise to a large degree, and think whether this will not hurt your business.

Hire outsource help

Budgeting and bookkeeping are two tasks that consume time. Hire business accountants to help you with your financial modelling.

Budgeting shouldn’t hurt

Budgeting should not put you and your people in a financial straitjacket. Instead, it should make everyone responsible for keeping the business on schedule in reaching your target financial objectives.

Budgeting should be the first method in your financial planning. Do this well, and it can put you on the road to financial security and success.

Teaching Kids to Get Dressed

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Teaching your kids to get dressed independently is a welcome challenge. With the right preparation and patience on both you and your child’s part, you can find ways to teach your kid to dress up without your help.

kids clothing

Get started and have fun with these tips:

  • Get your kids excited about dressing by letting them choose their clothes. But don’t overwhelm them with too many choices. Limit the selection to two or three funky outfits.
  • Give your little one loose clothing items to try out and put on. In most cases, you may need to put half of the clothes on and let your child do the rest.
  • Purchase dolls or toys that have buttons or a bowtie. These will give your child an idea and improve the dexterity in their fingers.
  • Put clothes where your kids can easily access them. Place them in bottom drawers or low racks. You can include cute or funky clothes that your toddlers will want to wear.
  • Don’t scold your kids when they do it wrong. Always remember that kids respond better with praise or appreciation. If your child puts the shirt inside out, still acknowledge the effort and teach them the right way to it.

Keep in mind that teaching your child to get dressed is a learning experience. While there may be some frustration along the way, your little one will master putting on clothes eventually.

When Tires Get Tired: 3 Signs Your Tires Need Replacement

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Just as your feet ache after a long walk, your tires also get tired of the beating they take when you drive for long hours. While you can’t feel their pain, they can give you signs that it’s time for a replacement. No matter how smoothly you drive, tires will eventually get old and wear out. A tire blow-out while you’re in the middle of the road is dangerous, so make sure to bring your car to repair centers before your tires become too old or worn for driving.

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Here are some warning signs that clearly indicate you need new tires.

Sliding and slipping motion

If the tires slip every time you hit the brakes, it’s one indication that you need a tire replacement. This often happens when making turns. Have your tires replaced right away, as even a small glide can lead to a big mishap.

Bald tires

Bald tires are not just an eyesore, they also indicate that you need a tire replacement. These tires are especially dangerous when the road is wet. Replace them immediately if you can see the tread wear indicator on your tires.

Tire bulges

Bulges on some areas of a tire sometimes appear as it starts to wear out. This can result in a sudden tire blow out, for which you will pay a higher price than a replacement.

Whether you own a brand new or used car, inspecting your tires should be one of your priorities. A little tire inspection can go a long way towards road safety.

Why a Good Mattress Is The Secret To Better Sleep


Chronic back pain significantly affects the quality of sleep. For years, scientists and doctors in South Jordan have speculated that the mattress may be the reason behind people lacking the much-needed rest.


Here are some types of mattresses for a better, healthier rest:


When it comes to mattresses, the hard way isn’t always best. Research shows that medium-firm bed greatly improves the quality of sleep. That’s why airbeds aren’t just for camping anymore. The air support of the inflatable mattress can support your body in a neutral position.

Memory foam

Switching your existing mattress with memory foam from a South Jordan mattress store may be the key to a reduced back pain and better sleep. The foam allows the body to remain in its natural shape and alignment, a circumstance that doctors believe could relieve pressure on the back.

Latex mattress

An alternative to foam mattresses, latex mattresses are for those who prefer firm and bouncy support. This type is still by far one of the most widely used. It’s great for relieving back pain, as they offer the best combination of comfort and support.

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on many different factors. As there’s really no science to what mattress to choose, just find one that is most comfortable to you.

Signs You’re Becoming Addicted to Alcohol

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Many people, including minors, suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction. They can’t resist the temptation because their bodies have developed tolerance to alcohol. As a result, they tend to have the urge to drink more. It’s easy to know if you’re getting addicted to alcohol. Here’s how.

alcohol abuse

You want to drink whenever you’re sad or angry

Alcoholic beverages affect your mind and actions. You feel happier and more confident after drinking. That’s why many people drink alcohol whenever they’re sad or angry. Remember that drinking is not the right way to solve your problems. Talking to someone you love or trust is your best option.

You can’t let the day pass without drinking alcoholic beverages

Once your body becomes tolerant to alcohol, you’ll start craving for more. You’ll feel incomplete whenever you let a day pass without drinking. The safe amount is two standard drinks for both males and females. But experts recommend having at least two alcohol-free days per week to prevent addiction. If you’re under 18, you should avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages.

You feel there’s a need to drink alcohol

When you drink alcohol more frequently than recommended, you may think of drinking as a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’. This is a clear sign of alcohol addiction.

Conquer alcohol addiction before it takes over your life. Talk to a person or a group knowledgeable about controlling alcohol-related problems. Entering a rehab facility is your best option if you’re experiencing serious addiction.

Home Decorating: Interior Design Trends for 2014

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Neutral themes, nature-inspired furnishings, lavish gold and metallic accents, and vintage furniture characterise 2013 in interior design. Now that we’ve finally made it to 2014, it’s important to be up to date with the latest in home decorating. Here are the interior design trends that will dominate the year:

interior design


Home design experts in Australia and interior design companies in Perth suggest that soft yellow is the colour of 2014. People are bombarded with different hues and they want something happier and more energising, but relaxing at the same time. Being the soft and neutral colour that it is, yellow serves this purpose perfectly.

Acrylic Furniture

Good news for acrylic lovers: clear chairs and tables are making a comeback this year. Apart from being light, clear furniture pieces go with everything. This is why they are perfect for traditional and contemporary interiors.

Ethnic Patterns

Moving on from2013’s nature-inspired prints of birds and butterflies, old-world patterns and ethnic designs will become a hit this year. Hire an interior design firm and turn your plain living room into an ethnic wonder by incorporating Moroccan furnishings and tribal patterns in your home design.

Don’t be out of style this 2014. Paint your home yellow, buy acrylic furniture, and incorporate ethnic patterns in your interior design to keep your home stylish all year round.

Significant Changes in the Mobile Accessories Market

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The online mobile accessories market has seen a surge in recent years, thanks to products that made people clamor for more convenience. The biggest shift in the market is marked by functionality and accessibility made available through mobile apps.

mobile phone accessories

While the market remains available for cases and skins, intelligent apps have made consumers adopt smartphones largely. With the increased use of mobile apps, hardware accessories have also seen increased opportunities to complement mobile devices.

Here are some of the upgrades in mobile accessories that delight consumers:


As smartphone devices are of high value, people invest in their protection. The manufacturers of mobile accessories that sell their products online provide more advanced solutions. Charging capabilities and storage are now a part of many cell phone accessories.


There have been significant upgrades in the visual and audio features of many smartphones for better user experience. For this reason, smartphones have become the main source of entertainment at home or while on the go.


As consumers rely on their phones for almost all their activities, developers have introduced many charging solutions to make sure users will never get disconnected. Now, consumers can choose from wireless charging, simultaneous charging, battery boosts, and alternative power sources.

The market for mobile accessories has changed dramatically, and there’s no telling when all of these may slow down. As long as people continue to look for better ways to achieve convenience, manufacturers will also continue to supply those demands.